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    Timmir's Bank

    Post by Timmir on Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:53 am

    Timmir's Bank

    Malm Korlif

    - Thoron
    - Crossbow of the Arcane
    - The Aeqeus

    - N/a

    [Pets & Companions]
    - Nayru 'Mouse' Ikana (Companion)
    - Phosphera the Pichu (Pet)

    Sacred Item Slot

    [Ongoing Tasks]
    - Job: 'Haunted' Mansion (Malm and Bea)
    - Grim Harvest (Mission - Malm)
    - LOCKED

    [Completed Tasks]
    - Around Pandora in 30 Days [Malm]
    - Job: Medicine Run (Solo)
    - Job: To Those We Forgot (Solo)

    [Ongoing Threads]
    - The Path I Choose
    - This Is Sparta [EVENT]
    - Toon Trouble [Event]
    - Lightning in the Wilds
    - Natural Remedies

    [Dead Threads]
    - Nature's Frost (Dray/Open to 1 more)
    - A dragon returns (Open for anyone)
    - Seaside Relaxation

    [Completed Threads]
    - Trouble on the way back home
    - Exploring the Ruins (Shini, Open)
    - Limelit Paths on a Crimson Road (Alexei/Invite)
    - Unexpected Events [EXAM]
    - A Couple Mages among Ninja
    - The Cupcake is a Lie
    - A World of Elements

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