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    Wilhelmina Harker (Done)

    Uetsu Taiga

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    Wilhelmina Harker (Done)

    Post by Uetsu Taiga on Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:47 pm

    Name: Wilhelmina Harker
    Nickname: the SHE, Mina
    Gender: Female
    Race: Vampire; but was once human
    Age: 243
    Birthday: August 8th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: -As seen above, Mina due to having been driven made/ blood crazy, not only through Jonathan's death; but having not fed, restricting herself from feeding. It's resulted in her imprisonment. Bound in wraps, chains and straps, this now makes up her body to which no one has seen since the death of Jonathan Harker of whom was her Husband before she had been Hypnotized by Dracula of whom became her next husband.

    Personality: Wilhelmina in both Life as a human, and Rebirth as a vampire was always, and has always been a religious person. She always spoke religion to those of whom were close with her, even having had gotten married to Jonathan in her life as a human. She has a regretful and sorrow filled nature, having wanted nothing more than to get back her humanity. Atop of all that restart her life all over again since she had lost Jonathan. Wilhelmina does often find children to be innocent above all others, not being able to bring herself to killing a child. She has a comforting nature to her as well, often being there for those who do not run in fear of her. She is loyal; but has a wondering mind. Since the loss of her husband(s) (If you want to include Dracula). She has spake nothing short of wanting to see him again.

    Forgiving in nature, Mina often doesn’t take harsh remarks lightly.  Leadings her to lash out, even attempt to kill the one of whom said the remark if need be.On a more hostile note she is very blood crazed, and can easily show a more merciless and ruthless side.She has been known to kill men and women, wanting nothing more than their blood. She keeps herself from partaking in such a reward as it was not earned. She has a dominant; and somewhat uppity attitude about herself. Having once had an empire of her own, she does speak to those she sees as unequal to her as if they were pawns or subjects. Which in turns reveals her age.
    Having a tactical, and Machiavellian mind shows that she can go above and beyond to try and over throw those whom are after her. Showing off her wits in battle makes her no slouch as far hostility calls for it.


    -Push overs
    -Confident people

    -Find a way to get Jonathan back
    -Getting free of her imprisonment
    -Being human again

    -Becoming something more than what she already is
    -Killing until the world is covered in blood. Not wanting to become like Dracula; and only wanting to retain her humanity makes this a great fear
    -Not being able to protect those she cares for.

    Eyes: Unknown atm (Until she is free from her imprisonment, When she was human they were black)
    Hair: Black when she was human
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 112 lbs
    Complexion: Tannish white when she was human, pale as a vamp. Unknown as of now.

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    Re: Wilhelmina Harker (Done)

    Post by Chaostothemax on Thu Dec 04, 2014 1:50 pm

    Looks better now. Approved~


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