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    Post by Admin on Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:21 pm

    Name: Nullvoid
    Holder: Andr01d
    Type: Keyblade
    Rank: Keyblade
    Durability: 175 Weak hits / 130D
    Nullvoid Untitl25
    Length: 1m
    Weight: 2lbs
    - Unbreakable
    - Deals User's Class in damage
    - Must be in contact with user to gain benefits
    - Cannot be handed to other users
    - Despite being called a "Keyblade" it is very dull
    - Despite being called a "Keyblade" it doesn't open anything
    Ability 0: Open Door: Only once per thread the user can call upon the keyblade. This summons the weapon from another dimension, making it "suddenly" appear if the user is not already wielding the tool. (This cannot be used if the keyblade is already in the thread, this can only be used once)
    Ability 1: Sudden Change:  User is able to teleport up to 30 meters per post
    Ability 2: Gearframe: Swinging the weapon summons up to 5 gears that can deal D-Ranked damage if it hits
    Ability 3: Cold Steel: Up to twice a thread, the user can strengthen their skin for 5 posts. All damage is halved in this state, and they cannot use Spells in this state. Their skin turns into a metal-like appearance.
    Master Key: User gains 10,000 EXP (one-time) for obtaining this weapon

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