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    The Dead Man

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    Ravage Bones
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    Post by Ravage Bones on Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:33 pm

    Name:  Ravage Bones
    Nickname: Bones
    Gender: Male
    Race: Undead
    Birthday: July 4th
    Sexuality: UNKNOWN
    Unique Characteristics:A walking skeleton

    Personality: A drunken sailor who strives for riches. He got his taste of wealth from his father, Indiana Bones. He prefers to sail the seas in search of lost treasure with ship battles rather than trap infested temples. ravage Bones is a corrupt being that only lives for the sake of money. He will push his friends overboard for a few extra Beli. He is a heart pirate that seeks nothing else but fortune. He finds that friendship is temporary, and would gladly end a man's life. He loves to drink and only in those times is he full of love and care.

    But just because he doesn't believe in friendship, does not mean his family is exclusive. He selects his family very closely, only to ensure that he doesn't get used or left behind. Because of this, Ravage appears distant, and hard to approach. He hates losing those he cares about. So he figures, if there is no one to care about, we will have nothing to lose.

    He appears as a coldhearted deadman, when in actuality he is a loving and caring individual with a passion for food. He doesn't like getting attached to people, but to those that are close, he will always care for them.

    Ravage has a habit of collecting all of his cash and rewards and simply spending every last cent on alcohol. He hates to find things of no worth, the same with people. He is friendly at the start, but only to assess someone's value. These are things he does to all new people, simply out of worth. He hates people who contribute nothing. Late at night, or when he is alone he can be found drinking or counting his money. These are two hobbies of his. He figures, with enough Rum he can rule the world, and with enough money he can buy the tools necessary to end wars.
    History: Ravage was born to an interesting man with a hunger of wealth. The man's name was Indiana Bones. His father had an obsession with treasure hunting. At the age that Ravage would walk, his father took him on his adventures. Ravage was dragged along his father's meaningless adventures. He never found the thrill of setting off traps and running from rolling boulders. It wasn't until a certain day, a certain adventure, that the little skeleton found his true calling.

    - Rum
    - Money
    - Ships

    - Running out of Rum
    - Having no money
    - Losing his ship

    - Getting money to start up his own crew
    - Buying rum
    - Life

    - Not finding his family
    - Actually dying
    - Being lost at sea

    Eyes: N/A
    Hair: N/A
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 20lbs
    Complexion: Bone

    Level: 1
    Class: F

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    Post by SolarFlare on Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:49 pm

    Hm... Things discussed in CB were changed and so, with great pleasure,...
    The Dead Man ONdmwRD

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