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    Starfall Event


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    Starfall Event Empty Starfall Event

    Post by Kaseki on Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:08 am

    This is going to be short.

    This event is no sign up. Instead random users will be pulled from the "Top Poster" widgets on the site. This will begin in the month of August.

    At a later time an official list will be created. Those on the list will have a chance of finding a starfall, those not on the list may not get the starfall, but may have a chance at obtaining a keyblade if it appears.

    The starfall will grant the user's wish with the cost being only that the starfall dies. Before you start thinking about what wish you can have, let's look at some of the rules of starfalls:

    1.) May not wish for death
    (You can, however, wish for destruction, as Fourth Horseman did.)

    2.) You cannot take over someone's life.
    (You cannot take other items from other players using the starfall)

    3.) You may not ask for overly specific items.
    (You could wish for EXP, as well as the ability to skip all exams. You cannot wish for a specific amount of EXP or power, or even money. This amount is determined by both the starfall's health, as well as their power.)

    Note: In the case of Ramen and Brushogun, they took care of Suburu, the First Starfall. They were able to make a wish at it's full potential. This, in short, means if you take care of the starfall, your wish will be of a greater magnitude.


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