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    Post by Admin on Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:07 pm

    Swirly 1hwne1
    Name: Kai
    Owner: Naisu
    Type: Support Pet
    Rank: Sacred (S)
    Race: Swirly
    Personality: A creature that is highly impressionable. They will attached themselves spiritually and emotionally to their owner. Should their owner wish something of them, they will attempt to bring that action to reality. They will often turn into a persona that will mimic their owner, or to that that will compliment their owner. They see their owner as a guardian, or a god.
    Description: A cute little swirl that delights all. A baby swirly still is still growing. Swirlies are beings made up of magic in their bodies. They are capable of learning and using magic. They are considered a mage's best friend.
    Thought Sharing: While incapable of speech, a Swirly can transfer some of its thoughts to its owner.
    Mana Pool: The creature itself has it's own source of magic. All of its spells rely on magic points, rather than total magic. (50 Points of Magic)
    Rejuvenation: The Swirly regains a single point of magic per post
    Lockbox: The Swirly is uneffected by any magical items

    Name: Archive
    Rank: Equal to the owner's Class
    Description: The Swirly selects a target, and begins to download data from them. This data includes their name, level, elements, as well as what organization they belong to, if they belong to one.
    - Able to find someone's identity
    - It gets stronger as the owner gets stronger
    - Costs 10 Points of magic.
    - Can only be used on people who are equal or lower rank than the rank of the spell.
    - While it has no range, the user must be able to see them.
    - Someone could stand between the Swirly and the target to intercept the reading
    - Cannot be used if the target is behind a wall
    - If anyone can read minds, they can also intercept data from the Swirly
    - People who have the Spirit elements as their Primary element are uneffected
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: No Cooldown

    Name: Data Transfer
    Rank: Equal to the owner's Class
    Description: The Swirly selects a target, and begins to upload data to them. This data is a single spell from the owner, or from anyone who the owner has a direct link to. They gain that spell for the rest of the thread.
    - Able to give a useful spell to someone else
    - Target can cast the spell even if they don't have the element
    - Costs 25 Points of magic.
    - Target cannot use the spell if the spell is a higher rank than the user's class
    - Target must be within 20m of the Swirly
    - Can only upload a single spell or jutsu at a single time
    - Cannot transfer Devil Fruit abilities or skills
    - Cannot transfer Sharingan Techniques
    - If a holder spell is transferred, the target cannot use the spell unless they have the required item.
    Duration: End of Thread
    Cooldown: 2 Posts

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    Post by Dregon on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:35 pm

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