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    Post by Agol on Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:17 am

    Edge Kapxye
    Name: Soul Edge
    Owner: Nainai
    Type: Weapon (Greatsword)
    Rank: Ancient
    Durability: 150 Weak hits / 54D
    Description: Soul Edge was forged in the distant past by a nameless backsmith as an ordinary two-handed sword, but after being bathed in blood, hatred, and death it developed a malevolent will capable of taking over its wielder. The first named bearer of Soul Edge was the Hero King, Agol, whose strong will conquered the evil intelligence of the blade.
    Length: 50in
    Weight: 30lbs
    - Able to change shape & Weight
    - It deals the user's class in ranked damage to magical defenses (Max : S)
    - Is really large and heavy it is normal form
    - Anyone else can pick up the weapon and use it, however they cannot exit with it.
    - Can be detected by anyone who can sense magic
    - The sword itself has a voice, only to be heard by its holder, or to the older of the opposing blade.
    - If the blade has no living owner, its voice can be heard to anyone around it. The sword's voice is masculine.
    Cursed Blade: The weapon can change its shape to take the form of any Strong Weapon that the user owns, or is in the current thread. This weapon does not gain the powers of the selected weapon. It can only change shape once per post, either at the end, or the beginning of the post.

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