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    Going on a trip..


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    Its Motherfuckin Dray

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    Going on a trip.. Empty Going on a trip..

    Post by Shira on Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:44 pm

    Hello ULRP. Its Dray here.. I know you know its Dray here. I'm just saying its Dray here for saying its Dray here sake.. Phew!

    So I'm taking a trip to the land of having no mobile data or wifi plus my phone is faulty and my tablet is virus infected. #True. I don't know how long this is gonna take but it wouldn't be forever, this I'm sure of. I can pop in here to post a few if I manage to steal wifi from a friend or someone or use their phone or.. Take my laptop to the cafe which I don't get the chance to do often...cos I'm 10yrs old.. You know what I mean. Its not illegal though. To me. Perhaps I can have some Rl focus for this going away period..

    So ya'll don't tell me you'll miss me. I know you will cos..

    Ryuhei won't have somewhere to fucking shit in.. I'm his toilet..
    Kaseki won't have someone to kick randomly.. I'm his football..
    Akira won't have something to let out her anger on.. I'm her punching bag..
    Neo won't..*personal*.. (I'm not crushing on her).. I'm her annoying lil baby..
    Raina and Naisu.. I didn't forget that thread I planned on making..
    Chaos.. Tnx for them spells, I finally got the fruit approved. Now, I don't get to use it soon..lol

    To everyone-
    Expect my return cos its gonna be badass!! Hmmph!

    *Me vanishes in a cloud of smoke.. Poof!


    Going on a trip.. Shingo11

    Going on a trip.. Empty Re: Going on a trip..

    Post by Guest on Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:09 pm

    I swear to god if you had said "on our favorite rocket ship" and started doing Little Einstein I would have hung you by your entrails =-=

    But you didn't... so have fun!

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