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    Post by Akira on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:43 pm

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    Name: Akira
    Nickname: Mother
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demon
    Age: 25
    Birthday: December 21
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics:
    In the middle of Akira's forehead sits a red jewel, which is in a diamond shape. This jewel simply seems to be there for a fashion design or something. However, it can actually change the color of any part of Akira's body. For Example, it could make her hair change from purple to pink or her skin from pale to green. During the color changing process, the jewel glows brightly. She is also always seen wearing a dark blue/indigo colored cloak that connects at her upper chest by a red and black jeweled button.


    Motherly. Akira has every quality that a mother should have although she's never had actual children. However, she doesn't need children to be able to care, love, and nurture her people. Her very village she was willing to risk it all for because she believed it to be her home. It's a place that makes her feel joy. It's a place that makes her feel calm. It's a place that makes her feel safe from the outside world. However, she knows that's not entirely true. Akira is intelligent enough to know better than to believe she will always be safe at home. This is why she would protect it at all costs. Anyone dumb enough to attack her home village, is dumb enough to anger a beast they will regret unleashing. Never Harm A Mother's Children... Ever.

    Mixed. This is a place Akira has mixed feelings for. Overall, she believes it to be a safe place for her. She believes it to be a place of new beginnings and well wonder. However, Akira also feels a bit out of place here. She feels that she should keep her distance from everyone. She feels they don't exactly need her. Then again, she feels that she wants to be around these people. She doesn't need their attention but she wants to be apart of Wonderland. Akira holds a great amount of respect for Neo, even going so far as to think of him as Master Neo. She would do almost anything he asked of her and she would do almost anything for him. Akira seems to like his company very much. She's never really specifically liked anyone's company very much, which shows something about them both.

    Cautious. Sure, Akira can be outgoing in her motherly way, when she's in her village. However, away from home she can be rather caught up in worries. In the outside world, Akira finds it hard to trust anyone or anything. She takes her tome traveling and studying all of the little things. She takes time getting close to people. Akira had never exactly been one for reading a person in depth, so she takes it one small step at a time when encountering new people. Although, her mind is normally set on doing things alone in the beginning. Then again, sometimes her motherly instincts take over and she just can't neglect someone attention. It all just depends on who you really are. Overall, she's very cautious but doesn't let that blind her from being caring.

    Who knows? Surprisingly, this  the one place Akira has felt the worst sense of danger. She has always kept her darkest secrets here. She has always kept her deepest fears here. Akira never seems to want to let anything out. So, it simply keeps building. Being what she is, a creature supposedly made from darkness, this woman is afraid of what could happen to her. Akira is afraid of losing control of herself. She is afraid of what she could do. However, recently something has changed and taken a new form inside of her. Well, actually she took form inside of a new body, which had a little something attached to it. This thing attached to this new vessel attached itself to Akira's soul, which in turn created a new form inside of hers. A Young girl. Inside of Akira now also dwells a young girl. The child seems to be rather shy overall but also seems to be rather cheery and emotional. How will this end?

    - Exploring
    - Her Sandy Domain
    - Her People
    - Wonderland
    - Food (Mostly Rice Balls)
    - Scorpions, Snakes, Spiders, and Lizards

    - Harm To Her Village
    - Harm To Her People
    - Ill Nature Towards Wonderland
    - Ill Nature Towards Neo
    - Loud Noise
    - The Color White

    - Protecting Her Village
    - Protecting Her People
    - Protecting Wonderland
    - To Just Eat Food
    - Gain More Knowledge About This World Than Any Other (Besides Kaseki Of Course.. That's Impossible.. and Maybe Neo.. IDK)

    - Being Alone
    - Falling To Darkness
    - Sweets! How terribly disgusting! That Candy Island! She'll never forget it! YUCK!
    - Failing.

    Eyes: Purple (Original)
    Hair: Purple (Original)
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Complexion: Pale (Original)


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