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    Noire [Done]


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    Noire [Done] Empty Noire [Done]

    Post by Noire on Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:26 am

    Name: Noire
    Nickname: Black Heart
    Gender: Female
    Race: Toon
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 16th March
    Sexuality: Bi-sexual
    Unique Characteristics: changes form into a older, much more battle ready version of herself. it doesn't affect her strength or any stat, it is just for appearance and nothing more.

    Personality: Noire is a lonely, ever focused warrior of Toontown that is always looking forward to discovering new worlds and fighting whatever she needs to just to become the strongest warrior she can be so that she can protect everyone she can in her town. kind and considerate, she is a bit shy around others and has trouble making friends that aren't from her own world. when around people from another world, Noire tends to be a bit hesitant and can be seen as hostile if the new people she meets tend to act lazy or if they don't care about the rules or history her world has. A strong and confident young girl, she never says no to a fight if it means she can get stronger and eventually become the strongest warrior in the world of Pandora. whenever she enters a fight, she transforms from her normal, child-like form into a battle ready older girl that has a more attuned attitude when it comes to battling or training, depending on the situation Noire has gotten into. in this form, also known as Black Heart, she is more observant and more aware of what her opponent is doing and tends to try and find a way around each and every roadblock that stands in her way. calm and collective in every fight she gets into, Black Heart tries to take things slowly, wearing away at her opponent's defenses and get them too tired to fight before dealing the final blow, striking them down and not allowing them to get back up until they either give up or choose to die. though having a kind heart in her Noire form, In Black Heart she doesn't let her targets get away without either saying sorry about what they did or get taken away either in a ambulance or in a body bag.


    • Games: though not really into many games, Noire likes to play some, from time to time, having fun playing video games and regular board games.
    • Magic: Though being in a world that has magic, Noire tends to go a little over the top when she sees new magic she never knew about.
    • Discovery: Finding new things and noting what they are is what Noire likes to do more then anything, except playing games.


    • Laziness: Always active and never letting people getting her distracted, Noire hates Laziness and is always trying to get something done.
    • Bland missions: Doing bland missions does nothing more then occupy Noire's time for a short while but makes her bored.
    • Boredom: Noire is a person that hates boredom as it doesn't help her get anywhere towards her goals and her motivation.


    • Becoming the Strongest: To never have to give up and beat anyone that stands in her way, that is Noire's ultimate goal
    • Finding her Purpose: Trying to find why she is in the world and what she needs to do, that is what she wants to do the most.
    • Discovering all the worlds in Pandora:Curious by nature, Noire wants to find all the worlds joined together by the wishes of the other worlds that became Pandora.


    • Being lost in Darkness: Though named after black, Noire fears the darkness because of a troubling time in her childhood, and now is scared to even be near any darkness.
    • Burning Alive: A fear that most people would have, Noire is scared of fire and burning up in it.
    • Thunder: Hearing any sort of sound close to thunder makes Noire jump, and hearing any thunder makes her turn as white as a ghost in fear.

    Eyes: Red eyes/ blue in Black Heart form.
    Hair: Black colored hair, tied into a twin tail by bows/white twin tails in black heart form.
    Height: 136 Centimeters/185 Centimeters in Black heart form.
    Weight: 51 kilograms/86 Kilograms in Black heart form.
    Complexion: fairly light, white/pale

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    Post by Fetus on Sun Dec 20, 2015 2:11 pm

    Noire [Done] 2czy2ys
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