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Unknown Lands

Welcome to the world of Unknown Lands Roleplay Forum!

If you have questions you can create an account and post on our questions section or join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/jupj2Zh) If you have any questions on lore and our systems, please don't hesitate to ask us.

The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

We can't wait to meet you!

Unknown Lands

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    Post by Nameless Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:57 pm

    Name: N/A
    Nickname: Nameless
    Gender: Unknown
    Race: Parasitic Disease (Humanoid Cat)
    Age: Unknown
    Birthday: Lilmothiit, 1st
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Unique Characteristics: All bodies possessed by nameless have a dragon tattoo on the back.

    Personality: Nameless is a parasite that feeds on the dead. Nameless is an emotionless being and simply strives for survival. Nameless fears nothing and would gladly die if it means getting a new body. The Parasite simply sides with those with power and uses its body to manipulate people into doing what Nameless desires. Nameless lives with the memories of the current body that it possesses. It is a cold creature, that only wishes to finally lay itself to rest. The body that the parasite infects, gives Nameless a particular mood. The parasite itself has little, if any, emotions. This creates a rather prominent tone in his speech, making him sound something of a god or rather arrogant. He does so without care. He figures if he dies, he's just one body closer to completing his goal.

    Body of Bliss:

    Bliss is a quiet person; he keeps to himself and tries his best to avoid others. Bliss is extremely smart and is considered to be a genius. Due to his inability to hear properly, Bliss learned how to observe and calculate his surroundings, he is able to read people’s lips when they to talk, thus he is able to respond accordingly.  Although Bliss is very quiet, once he warms up to someone, which is very rare, one can find that he is very, considerate, wise, philosophical and very talkative. Often time’s people who are close to Bliss find him witty, sarcastic, and charming. Bliss is also quite a philosopher, his eloquent dialogue and philosophical tone others think he is very sarcastic and full of himself. Granted Bliss can seem to be overconfident, but he knows his limits and he never underestimates or over estimates himself or his opponent.  Bliss loves to design and make clothes; he also loves to make stuffed animals.  His is very skilled in the art of sewing and stitching. Bliss is also very knowledgeable in surgical procedures.

    Bliss does not like to fight, but he will do so when he finds that violence is needed. In battle he is very tactical and cautious; he tries his best to limit any casualties. Bliss lacks physical power, but makes up for it in intelligence, stealth and speed. Due to his inability to hear properly, others sees it as a weakness, but Bliss is not hindered by his handicap, instead Bliss has perfectly honed his other senses to the point where he can live and fight effectively. Others who do not know Bliss usually don’t know he is hard of hearing and just treat him normally. Bliss is perfect for reconnaissance missions, and assassinations due to his skill, he rarely engages in direct hand to hand combat, but if Bliss has to fight directly he can effectively subdue his opponent with his superior knowledge in over 132 martial arts. Bliss has difficulty working with a team due to his solo attitude, and partially he has difficulty in communicating due to his poor hearing. Despite his struggling in fighting in a team, Bliss tries his best to communicate. Even though it seems he does not help the team, Bliss lends assistance to his allies in the shadows, thus making his good deeds unknown to his allies. Despite being a decent team player, Bliss has a hard time with authority, but Bliss usually keeps it in and follows through with orders. If the orders given go against his beliefs and values, Bliss will not comply. Bliss never was a good leader, he never saw himself as a leader, and he is most comfortable working as a solo mage. Yet when Bliss must act as a leader, he proves to have potential in a leadership position. Bliss as a leader, will make calculated decisions and try to prevent any casualties and harm that may affect his comrades. He would try his best to meet the objective without anybody getting hurt or left behind.
    Body of Naruto:

    Nameless 34710
    Growing up with very few parental figures, Naruto is exuberant, brash, inattentive, and heedless to formality or social standings. He would end sentences with "Believe it!" when excited or frustrated. He has a number of childish traits, such as being a very picky eater (he almost exclusively eats ramen), being afraid of ghosts, and carries a chubby green-frog wallet which he calls "Gama-chan". Naruto has a habit of giving people he meets nicknames or without appropriate honourifics, as shown when he offended the Second Hokage by not calling him "Lord Second". He can be quite perverted, creating different forms of his Sexy Technique and once tried to sneak a peak in the women's bath when the opportunity presented itself. Despite these quirks, Naruto is said to have a personality that brings people to him, inspiring friendship and loyalty from most of the people he meets through acts of genuine kindness and sincerity that could change a person's entire world view. For example, during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto's kindness inspired loyalty from the tailed beasts, and when linked to the entire Shinobi Alliance through telepathy, he was able to reignite the demoralized armies' fighting spirit, choosing to continue fighting despite the losses he could receive as shinobi were meant to endure through hardships. Years of isolation and scorn from the village made Naruto thirst for acknowledgement. He would pull pranks around the village just to get a response from anyone and his desire to be Hokage was in hopes of being someone that mattered. Naruto's time at the Falls of Truth revealed that a part of him hated the village for treating him as a pariah, only to turn to him after he saved them during the Invasion of Pain. This hatred allowed Kurama to manipulate Naruto in his rage, causing him to go on a rampage several times until Naruto confronted the problem and learned to let it go. As Naruto grew in his career as a ninja, his desire to be Hokage went from acknowledgement to a desire to help and protect the people close to him, which Tobi attributed to the Will of Fire. Naruto developed his nindō of never going back on his word, putting himself through any lengths required to keeping his promise, as shown in his promise to Sakura to bring Sasuke back after his defection from Konoha, despite Sakura herself having grown to see this as impossible due to Sasuke becoming a dangerous international criminal later on. According to Kakashi, Naruto learns through his body, as he is relatively naive, simple, and slow to understand principle or situations, often requiring an oversimplified analogy in order to grasp what is being explained to him, something he has grown more willing to admit. Naruto responds best to competition, using it as an additional drive learn new techniques, though he doesn't hesitate to ask if he needs it. However, despite his naiveness, Naruto can be quite observant picking up on things others miss and can retain information casually gathered through conversation. In battle, Naruto has shown to be calm and collected most of the times, but he can get frustrated when he is unable to defeat his opponent. He can also be a quick thinker, making up strategies on the fly or inventive use of his techniques to catch his opponents off guard during the fight, though he can get overexcited and forget some concepts or weaknesses that he himself noted beforehand.
    Body of Christine :

    Nameless Polycount_escape_challenge___the_hacker_by_suburbbum-d5yatr4
    Christine Lionheart, is a genius hacker. She was known to be a prodigy at a young age for hacking into the government as a mere child. She eventually found herself in Pandor after stumbling into a portal running away from the authorities. In Pandora her senses were heightened and she became an even more dangerous criminal. Nameless captured her after her half-decade of terror was over. It was then that he began his experiments.

    In reality, Christine is one of the cruelest people you'll meet; she spurns all contact, lashing out with harsh words if approached. If you try to press whatever matter you need to talk to you about, prepare for a beating; Christine doesn't take kindly to anybody talking to her, much less holding a full conversation. She has deep-seated anger issues which she refuses to fix; anybody who tried to get her to visit a psychologist, as well as the one psychologist she was forced into seeing, got a fistful of pain. Nobody asks her anymore, both for fear of being attacked and because she has driven away everybody who would be interested in seeing her deal with her issues.
    In addition to her anger issues, Christine is a very hateful, petty person in general; she'll go out of her way to be cruel to people who have gotten on her bad side. To put that into perspective, she's counted people as being on her bad side for 'not wearing the right color today', 'making eye contact with her', and best (or worst) of all, 'having a bad face'. She drives away anybody who tries to talk to her with this combination of anger and pettiness, and she's perfectly happy that way.

    As hard as she is to work with, Christine is a very useful partner to have in a fight; along with her unrivaled hacking skills, she's more than capable of handling herself in combat. She is awful as both a leader and a follower; as a leader, she drives people into depression with her insults and anger, and as a follower, she refuses to listen to any orders. She loves to fight, however, both as an outlet for her anger and to practice her fighting skills.
    Axilmeus Steel:

    Nameless ZBZPu4Q
    Axilmeus is a charming man trained in the arts of the samurai, he's noble and honorable both in and out of battle. He dresses to the nines, in elegant and flowing cloaks (albeit not so flowing they'd get in the way of his fighting) and always matches what he wears with his own appearance. He carries around a fan which he'll wave at himself when he's bored. He is very suave when it comes to women, always hitting on beautiful women, even sometimes attempting to serenade them with his smooth voice. He enjoys music very much, and can play several instruments, primarily of the string and percussion variety, although he is also somewhat capable of playing the flute. He is by no means a virtuoso, but he isn't bad either. He enjoys making allies, especially with strong people. As such he'll challenge people to duels, to test their strength and his own strength, sometimes for fun, sometimes to test himself, and sometimes to see if the ally is potentially powerful. In battle he's vicious and nonstop with his attacks. He'll wait for a second to plan his next ten or so movements, then execute those attacks as fast as possible. He's wild with blades and will strike over and over again to tire out the enemy before landing his final blow. He excels at reading the opponents strategy and adjusting when something doesn't go as planned. When it comes to teamwork he tends to prefer to stick to his own strategies and let other do what they want, but if ordered to do a strategy which he thinks will work, he'll do his best to execute that strategy without a hitch. He has no problem with attacking anyone who provokes him, nor does he have a problem attacking any stranger if they want a fight. He always fights to the best of his ability.
    Elizavetha Killan:

    Nameless 1246066013
    Neko is somewhat of an odd ball. Most describe her as a cat, even her personality. She is very playful and loves to lay out in the sunlight. She is a little lazy but at times she is hyper and loves to mess around with people. But from time to time she is bossy and lashes out her feelings. Neko doesn't care who the person is she will mess with them or play with them. You can mostly find Neko laying in the sun or in some tree. She enjoys being outdoors rather than in doors.  She can fall asleep anywhere even in the middle of the street. Neko can get mad easily if people taunt her or they are just plain stupid.

    Even if Neko is playful and full of energy. She is reserved too and cool headed. She doesn't get angry very easily only certain things get her pissed. Such as hurting a child or making her bleed. Other than those things Neko is actually very smooth and friendly.

    Towards children and infants Neko is very motherly. She loves playing with them and having fun. She thinks that children need to be cared for greatly. One thing that Neko would never harm or even touch in some sort of violent way is a child. Neko will become reckless and almost unlike herself if a child is hurt.

    In a battle Neko is playful and loves to mess with her prey. She teases and taunts and runs away half the time. Although she can get serious if she starts bleeding. When Neko starts bleeding she gets pissed and doesn't care about anything else. Neko doesn't care about killing at all. She feels no emotions what-so-ever if she kills someone. Making her scary because she doesn't feel remorse.
    "Neko's" Original App
    - Friends: It allows for easy survival as well as potential prey. Nameless likes to have people around to protect the strongest body of the team.
    - Enemies : Allows for strengthening as well as assessing strength of other hosts. Able to test skills and techniques
    - Death: It allows the parasite to live on and infect a new body. This could be Nameless dying itself, or the killing of another.

    - Friends: They grow attached and may sway the goal of the parasite. Nameless hates getting attached to people because it makes it harder for it to move on.
    - Enemies: They my destroy the host body before infection. They also may get in the way and cause trouble while on the journey to a better host.
    - Life: It is the very thing that the parasite is blessed and cursed with.

    - Survival : Living on to see its goals complete. All it wants is power.
    - Finding the perfect host: The perfect host gives meaning to the search, as well as gain the most potential.
    - Dying : With death, Nameless can find a new life.

    - Medicine: It is the one thing that could kill the parasite. It fears that antibiotics or other medicine may be able to stop it before it takes over its' dread body.
    - No Perfect Host: Gives the creature no meaning to live. The reason it is so driven to gain power is to obtain the most powerful host body.
    - Becoming too attached to the host body: The creature fears that it will want to be a weaker body than the "perfect host". It does believe that it could make its' body 'perfect' to an extent, but something out there is always better.

    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Blond
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 134 lbs
    Complexion: Tan

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