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    Post by Admin on Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:59 pm

    Underworld Relic : 1/13 65sy8m
    Name: Monkey God's Staff of Englightment
    Owner: Ruby Snow
    Type: Weapon (Staff)
    Rank: Underworld Artifact
    Durability: 200 Weak hits / 100D
    Description: Long before the Plane of Oblivion was named Pandora, it was called the Underworld. This was a long long before Kaseki, only to be watched over by the Guardian of Purgatory. The Guardian oversaw the souls of the dead and banished them to planes of torment based on how they lived their lives. He also held the power to grant them reincarnation, as well entrance into the afterlife to finally be laid to rest. With this much power, he found it difficult to protect his realm. Instead, he employed various warriors from various eras to ensure the souls went where they belonged.

    This is a weapon that belonged to feudal leader and Monkey God, Bo. He was regarded for his wise, and often unpredictable ways in both combat and overall guidance. While he held the title of God, and was even renown among his land, he was still a mortal. After entering the Underworld, he was given the task of seeing that no soul was lost in the Styx River. He was the one in charge of keeping the mortal world, and the after life separate.
    Length: 8ft
    Weight: 15lbs
    - The size can be varied for both travel and combat
    - Damage will always be the user's level
    - It has no elemental affinity, and thus provides no bonuses
    - Anyone can wield the weapon for themselves
    - If given to another user, the weapon's damage is only scaled off the owner.
    - Styx: The staff can shrink to 1ft long, and extend up to 7m. The staff may not extend or strink more than a single time each, per post. (Reverting to the original length at no cost)
    - Chop: The rate of the growth of the staff is feet per second, based on the holder's level.

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