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    Post by Admin on Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:47 pm

    Underworld Relic : 12/13 Vwq5cj
    Name: Grimoire of The Underworld : The End
    Owner: Bea
    Rank: Underworld Artifact
    Description: Long before the Plane of Oblivion was named Pandora, it was called the Underworld. This was a long long before Kaseki, only to be watched over by the Guardian of Purgatory. The Guardian oversaw the souls of the dead and banished them to planes of torment based on how they lived their lives. He also held the power to grant them reincarnation, as well entrance into the afterlife to finally be laid to rest. With this much power, he found it difficult to protect his realm. Instead, he employed various warriors from various eras to ensure the souls went where they belonged.

    With a new world at his hands, he had chosen his select few. The Guardian could finally rest his hand in the affairs of souls. However, rather than leaving it as such, he wrote two books. They were said to hold secrets of the Underworld, and were to grant the user great power. When read, they are rumored to be completely void of all text afterwards, preventing mass production. They can only be rewritten by the user, or by the Guardian himself. However, these books are regarded as a prize.

    - Is in use passively
    - Does not have to be carried into a thread
    - Don't not effect whole party
    - It only works in missions and events
    - Does have limits
    - Rapid Growth: The user gains x5 more coins from missions.
    - Forbidden Lock: To transfer this item, it costs 500,000 Coins.

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