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    Post by Salvation on Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:13 pm

    Name: Salvation
    Nickname: Anabelle Dimitri
    Gender: Female
    Race: Spirit
    Age: 4,000 years
    Birthday: June 3
    Sexuality: Bi
    Unique Characteristics:
    - Salvation's eyes glow at will
    - Salvation has two forms: her spirit form and human form, and can switch between these two at will. They only provide cosmetic purposes.

    Personality: All things one day come to an end. This is the code Salvation lives by. She lives up to her name, believing she is the salvation for others suffering and their way to pass on into the after world. Though she does not actively try to be good, nor seeks to destroy and be evil, she finds balance and pure harmony in being neutral in the affairs of the world, for she has seen what both sides has to offer. Strange and mysterious, Salvation wants nothing more than perfect balance and order in all she does. Salvation does not make many friends, for she believes making friends will bring too much emotion, which can disrupt her her duty as a "Grim reaper" in a sense. She is comfortable with death, seeing it as a beautiful and majestic thing that should be embraced with open arms, and does not like it when others feign from the inevitable.

    Salvation has strong connection with the life around her, and believes all life is just as sacred as death. Everything has a natural cycle, a way to things, and does not like it when the natural order of things is tampered or intervened with. Even in battle, things are a stage, a beautiful performance in which she let's her enemy and opponent shine once more before their death. Though she strives to have others descend into the afterlife peacefully and without problem, some do give that troubles, giving Salvation no other choice but to dispatch them switftly. There is joy in the thrill of the hunt, one that Salvation takes great pride and happiness in. It is entertaining and fun to hunt after her prey. Salvation will be just as she is, the salvation not only for herself and the people, but the salvation for all of Pandora.

    - Balance
    - Death
    - Freedom
    - Nature
    - Music and Dance
    - Hunting

    - Chaos
    - Weakness
    - Mangos

    - To Keep Balance and Order
    - To Give Others a Perfect Death
    - To See The World

    - The World will Fall to Darkness
    - Things will fall out of order into chaos
    - Failure

    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: White
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 112 lbs
    Complexion: Peach
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    Post by Andr01d on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:40 pm

    Salvation 2vsetjp
    [Don't forget to visit The Elder for a lineage (bonus powers), as well as the
    Job Board to select your Origin! (This will determine what rules your magic follows.)
    Also keep in mind you have only two forms, and neither of them should be
    larger than your standard form.]


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