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    New Devil Fruit Rules.

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    New Devil Fruit Rules. Empty New Devil Fruit Rules.

    Post by Andr01d on Sat Feb 06, 2016 4:25 pm

    New Devil Fruit Rules. Cooltext1792995313

    History: In a simple world full of mortals, the concept of life was much more simple. In the words of a wise man, "You are either the prey, or the predator."

    The story begins on a mysterious place known as Shipwreck Island. While the details of the tale vary from storyteller to story teller, some of the pieces are still apparent in each telling.

    The story begins with a fateful hunter who found himself on his boat with a colleague of his. As the weather began to grow more dangerous, so did the sea fog. This man was called Rainsford, and he did not see the rocks before his ship. He would crash, his shipmate being lost at sea, and the hunter washed up at shore. It would not be soon until he would come to his senses and wander the island, only to find a great estate and to be greeted by a man named General Zaroff. The engagement would remain a blur, only to keep a theme of a hunt in many of the various tales. In the end it would be that is Rainsford would kill the General and flee the island in his own escape and fear for his life... and that was when the general's daughter, Maria would usurp the island and gained control over all of his previous assets.

    Years later, Neo Stigma, the lone creator of Necro Wonderland, would come across his island in search of a bride, only to find an anger driven blond set on avenging her father. It would not be long after that Kaseki himself would pay a visit to this island for his own amusement, only to hope to create a third power for his kingdom. Instead, Kaseki would dishonor the island and create utter havoc and mayhem, eventually digging up Maria's mother's grave, only to uncover a new can of worms.

    While the contents of the grave and discovery remain known only to the three there that night, it was then that Kaseki's previous identity of Reign Ford was uncovered. In an essence to pay his respects, and to obtain forgiveness, he granted Maria Zaroff the powers of a Spirit Born, something equal to that of a Fallen Spirit.

    As the story would continue, the island would be absorbed into the collection of Pandora, as Kaseki was now Maria's guardian. But as it entered the plane of oblivion, so did many other islands. With these other lands came new treasures and powers. The vegetation of the worlds began to mix with the concentrated energy that surged through Pandora. And that was when the Devil Fruits began to grow.

    Magic/Skills: Devil Fruit / Combat Prowness (Weapon Arts)

    Rules: Users are only allowed to pick a Devil Fruit or make make a skill that is non magical. Users can only start off with one (1) Devil Fruit, however they may obtain another if they reach C-Class. All Devil Fruits have the following effects:

    Description: The rarest of the three Devil Fruit classes, users of Logia class Devil Fruits gain the ability to transform themselves into an element, whether it be solid elements like ice or sand, liquids like mud or syrup, gases like smoke and poison gas, forms of plasma (in some cases, energies) like fire and lightning, or into a materialization of abstract concepts such as darkness. This can effectively make them intangible making physical attacks harmless go through them, or able to absorb the attack completely. They also gain every ability related to that element and gain the skill to disperse, control and rejoin any part of their bodies while conscious and in control of their powers (including explosions, bullet wounds or cuts). Logia users can move every part of their transformed bodies while in element form.
    Abilities: User takes half damage from any attack that is their element. This stacks with Elemental Resistance. This however, does not apply to mixed spells, skills, or jutsus that hit the user.

    Description: The users of Zoan class Devil Fruits gain the ability to transform into an animal (and acquire every trait affiliated with said animal). The user can also transform into a human-animal hybrid form or a twin-beast hybrid. There are Zoan Devil Fruits based not only on common animals, but for prehistoric animals like dinosaurs and mythological creatures as well (ancient and mythological are rarer, with mythological said to be even rarer than Logia Devil Fruits).
    Abilities: The user can turn into the animal that their fruit is based off of. In this animalistic state, they can talk as they normally could, as well as understand animals of the same species.

    Description: The most common of the three classes, users of Paramecia class Devil Fruits gain superhuman physical abilities or traits, such as shock wave generation and locking onto targets. Other fruits can alter features of the body such as a rubber physique or body of blades, or the people, objects, and environment around the user, like levitating objects or turning people into toys. Finally, there are some users that can manipulate and generate some kinds of substances, such as wax and poison.
    Abilities: The user takes half damage from all other Fruit Skills.

    At A-Class the user's fruit is considered "Awakened." At this point, all skills cost 75% of their normal cost, rounded down. In addition, the user gains a power in addition to their normal passive. To under

    Awakened Logia: When the user has at least 100%MP, they can turn into the embodiment of their element. In this state, they are still tangible, but are completely immune to their element. They take half damage from all weapon and item based attacks, however magical attacks will deal full damage. This transformation lasts 5 posts. Afterwards, the user is left with 20%MP, and is considered half their level in strength for 3 posts.

    Awakened Zoan: When the user has at least 75%MP, they may transform into their beast. If they have a transformation skill, this skill is activated at no cost. Their level is increased by 20 for 3 posts. Afterwards, they are left with 25%MP, and their level is considered 10 levels lower for 1 post. Their level is considered to be level 1 at minimum.

    Awakened Parmacia:
    At the cost of half of their MP, they can double the damage of their next magical attack. If the MP lost by this ability is greater than the cost of their skill, the skill is activated at no cost. They cannot cast more than 2 skills using this ability. Their level is increased by 10 when this ability is used.

    Note: We are not canon. Do not expect your fruits to be. They are only as powerful as your imagination. This list is subject to change.

    Weakness: User is unable to swim, and cannot use their powers when submerged under water. (Applies to Devil Fruit users only.)
    Everything in read has been added into the passives for fruit users. These abilties are NOT to be added in magic. All fruit users have these passives.


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