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    Post by Ramos on Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:00 am

    Ramos  250?cb=20151204151556

    Name: Ramos
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 19 Years Old
    Birthday: October 31st
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Unique Characteristics:


    Ramos considers herself to be the the ideal 'Merc' or erh gun for hire. Ramos is fully confidence in herself, she rarely doubts herself. Maintaining an aura of mystery around herself and making insightful observations. All the awhile looking cool at the same time! Ramos really thinks she is the coolest mercenary around and can you blame her? Who doesn't think a badass looking woman who likes weapons is cool? Being a Mercrnary she she doesn't care all that much about good and evil. She loyal only to people who she really loves or to group that can provide her with the most benefits. Ramos is also hard-working and determined  If something piques her interest, she can be astonishingly dedicated to her work, putting in long hours and intense effort to see an idea/task through. She can be incredibly efficient, and if tasks meet the criteria of furthering one of her goals, she will do everything in her power to find a way to consolidate and accomplish those tasks. She doesn't like to waste time, so she can be trusted to not get distraced when she on a mission most of the time unless her desire for love gets in the way. Eamos can be a bit perverted, but she blames it on her age and lack of love life.

    In combat she tends to find the best weapon to complete the job. Ramos is open to using several tactics on the battlefield to apdat and to keep her eneimes on their toes. If she working with other people she will let them do most of the work and get the final blow for herself. She has no problem turning her back on her allies if she feels like she going get trick. If she feels like she in a battle she can't win. Ramos has no problem in retreating and/or leaving her allies behind. Its better to live and fight another day afterall.


    • Breasts: Ramos can't help, but be in awe of the female chest. Seeing those thing bounce and jiggle just causes her to blush. The feeling she get when she has them in her hand is just wonderful. Of course she isn't a prevert, but if cops a feel or lets a hug linger for a bit. Its just because she friendly!  

    • Weapons: Ramos is a huge fan of weapons. Ranging from firearms to chainsaws and everything in between. She was trained to use various weapons and was always told to keep herself armed. So don't be shock if you see her sleeping with a firearm or showering with a sword nearby.

    • Money: Money can buy happiness. What money how could one live in this world? Though unlike most people who like money. Ramos perfers saving money than spending it.


    • Taxes/Charity: Ramos doesn't like giving her hard own money to the goverment. Since the goverment is a huge waster of money. She also doesn't like giving to charity. Greed has help people far more than charity ever could.

    • Candy: Ramos doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. Plus candy doesn't fill a person up like actual food.

    • Birds: She really hates birds. They tend to steal your food and to shit on everything. Nasty things. The only good bird is a cooked bird.


    • Love: She would like to find the love of her life. Someone to give her mind, body and soul too. That special person who she can grow old with. Maybe even have a family with.

    • Wealth: She would like to gain a fortune so that she can never worry about becoming poor.

    • Stronger: Just like everyone else. Ramos would like to become stronger in order to protect her loved ones and to fulfill her other goals.


    • Being alone: A fear that most people have. Humans are social creatures and the idea of being alone for the rest of her life, sends a chill down Ramos spine.

    • Rats: Disease and ugly creatures that are diffcult to get rid of. Rats are disgusting. Ramos also isn't fond of other rat-like creatures.

    • Fish: Gross no matter what form it takes. From being alive to being cooked. There no way to make fish un-gross.

    Eyes: Royal Blue Eyes
    Hair: Grey
    Height: Five Feet and three inches
    Weight: 106 Pounds.
    Complexion: White - Fair Skinned
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    Ramos  Empty Re: Ramos

    Post by Toriel on Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:45 am

    Ramos  Axfbth
    (Don't forget to pick up your lineage and passport. Links on the right of every page.)


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