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    Staff Position?


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    Staff Position?  Empty Staff Position?

    Post by Kaseki on Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:12 pm

    Now, you may be wondering why I'm using a fancy template. Well the answer is simple:

    Because I want to.

    But anyways, with the incoming members and lazy staff, I'm taken in the possibility of adding a single new staff member. Like all of my staff, you start at the bottom of the work pile, and move up as you choose to. If you feel like taking in more responsibility and me yelling at you, you can easily hop the ladder of Kaseki-Power-Abuse.

    Now, I don't need a developer, as the next 3-4 plot arcs are already planned and written. As a member, you can already created a boatload of content to help us stay afloat. From missions to lineages, to even mere blurbs in the suggestion area. I like to see every side of the issue, even if I'm probably going to do it no matter what you say.

    IN ANY CASE, use the template below to apply for my misfit crew of staff. It's a lot of power and a lot of (ir)responsibility!

    Username: Who are you?
    Character Name: Who are you. . . again?
    Skype: What is your Skype?
    - Please link your last 3 RP threads
    Join Date: Look on your profile for this
    Favorite Color: What's your favorite color?
    Other: Anything you wanna add?

    [b]Username:[/b] Who are you?
    [b]Character Name:[/b] Who are you. . . again?
    [b]Skype:[/b] What is your Skype?
    - Please link your last 3 RP threads
    [b]Join Date:[/b] Look on your profile for this
    [b]Favorite Color:[/b] What's your favorite color?
    [b]Other:[/b] Anything you wanna add?

    Please note, you must be approved first to apply. RP threads could be between any of your accounts. Doesn't have to just be the account that is applying.


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    Staff Position?  Empty Re: Staff Position?

    Post by The Carnivorous Bunny on Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:48 pm

    Username: The Carnivorous Bunny
    Character Name: Sciocco and Visivo
    Skype: The Carnivorous Bunny
    - https://www.unknownlandsrp.com/t3468-iron-fist-tournament-round-0-amber-v-saige
    - https://www.unknownlandsrp.com/t3277p16-the-goat-and-the-multi-personality-psychopath-private
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