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    Post by Kaseki on Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:31 pm


    Kase - 3 OCs Summons
    - > Like "Artists At The Ready" only common goal is to defeat greater evil. Evil small for RNG1

    Ref: http://tacosaurusrex.deviantart.com/gallery/

    Name: Do'Saah Step
    Nickname: "The Remembered"
    Origin: Elder Scrolls 3 Marrowind -> Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion -> Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim -> Elder Scrolls Online
    Class: Warrior (Assassin)
    Species: Argonian (Humanoid)
    Powers: Fire, Lightning, Healing, Expert Craftsmanship.
    History: Originally named "Yang", Do'Saah was created as an Argonian with heavy Khajiit ties. His sibling, Anakin, was a female Khajiit. For years, he believed she was the one adopted, only to find he was the one saved from slavery.

    Throughout Marrowind, Yang learned of the great evils of the Dunmer and their history of slaving his people. He tried to fit in for the longest time, only to be subjected to scum, or another slave to be bought. He begun to take his role to the wasteland, clearing caves and ruins of all evil, trying to create a safer world for his sister. Months afterwards, his sister disappeared from the world he lived in. (Save file corrupted/deleted) It was then he threw tantrum and killed every last living being he could find. If no one mourned his loss, there would be no one to mourn.

    Years after this event, he found himself locked up. Without memory of what his actions were, he knew who he was this time. He embraced his given name, a Khajiitan title given to him by his sister. He was known as Do'Saah Step, translated roughly to Runs-Within-Shadows, or directly translated into Foot-Foot Step, or One-With-Large-Feet. Here, he learned to cope with his losses. He wanted to collect every Daedric artifact in hopes to discover the true location of where his sister was. It was not until every gate of Oblivion was closed did he settle down. He resided in the city that imprisoned him. It was then, that he learned that the lizard next door was not a housekeeper, but his sibling born anew. And his pain was over.

    Reaching the end of his life, he found himself yet again in chains. He looked around to see his sister gone, surrounded by Nords of the same fate. Listening to their words, he learned that they were heading to be executed. Remembering all that he overcame, he was not going to allow himself to die once more. This time, he knew his purpose. In the world of Skyrim, he knew his sibling was long lost, but felt her eyes watch over him. In her name, he would fight back the empire that had put him into chains so many times before. He was the hero of Cyrodiil. And now, he was born again as the Dragonborn.

    But then, with his story cut short, priests still left unfound, he found himself somewhere familiar. In the darkness of a cave, he was called the vestige, and in this world, he learned of his new world. But this time, he was not alone. Freeing himself, he took to the shadows, only to discover the fall of the empire was not in his past, but his future. Seeing this as a chance to start again, he joined the Aldmeri Dominion. To him, to fight along side the other felines, would give him the slightest hope of seeing his sister once again.

    ... but she never came.
    Post-Rng Story" Lost in this world, he found himself among the masses of lifeless bodies. All empty and soulless, yet they all had something in common. He looked at them all, male and female, Argonian and Bosmer, Khajiit and Dunmer. There was nothing to tell him, but he knew, they were the ones left behind. They were the ones who's memories he lived with, the dangers of his quests told to him in advance. They were other versions of him. Each of them armored exactly the same. And with it, his first clue. They were all just puppets controlled by someone else. Akatosh was not his god. Instead, it was the one who gave him his first name; Yang.
    Name: Kusa
    Nickname: "The Forgotten"
    Origin: Mortal Kombat Armageddon / Unreal Tournament II / Elder Scrolls 3 Marrowind / Dynasty Warriors 5
    Class: Warrior (Marksman)
    Species: Human
    Powers: Darkness, Teleportation
    History: With her past shrouded in mystery, she begun to care less and less of who she was, and more of who she would be.

    She was raised as an assassin, only to grow as an assassin. She was seen as worthless in the eyes of her teachers, only to be used as an example of what not to do. She suffered countless deaths, only to be filled with more rage each time. Her goals were never met. Her desires take from her moments before achieving it, only to obtain something that was given to her out of pity.
    Post-Rng Story" Another death. Another life. Kusa found herself in the midst of nothing, only to feel nothing. Only to want nothing. Only to have nothing. And to become nothing. She could not remember a thing about herself, nor where she was from. But upon seeing her reflection from a dirtied pond, she knew she was discarded long ago by the gods. She was the test subject who was used a fodder. She was the one crowned queen only after some king before. With an empty soul and empty heart, she found no purpose other than to end her own life. But she knew.

    Even that action would be serving her purpose.
    Name: Fetus
    Nickname: "The Experiment"
    Origin: N/A / Pokemon
    Class: ???
    Species: ???
    Powers: Shapeshfiting
    History: Born from a doodle, he was destined for greatness. . . if being the go-to to kill time after finishing a test was greatness. Fetus was, and is a creature who is sentient of his own existence, as well as others. He found himself meeting a lot of characters long discarded, or used for years to come. In every story, he exists, however slight.

    Often thought of as the eldest creation, he considers himself slightly less than a god. He had died millions of times, only to be brought back to life by himself from another timeline. He is personified madness, insanity and lack-of-logic. He is often used as comparison to other characters to grasp both similarities and differences.

    His first true life in a game was, is, and always will be comparable to that of Ditto. Taking shape of whatever is needed, or whatever entertains the most at the time.
    Post-Rng Story"
    "So do I get to be cooler than I am on ULRP. . . . or?" Being the only creation to know his creator as well as the others, he wanders the world in search of Who-Uses-The-Pen-Unwisely. Being nothing more than a clouded scribble at best, he knows the only way for him to exist is to get a greater form from his "god." He is, and will be the first to meet his master, only to attempt to explain the world in a single sentence, and without a break between the worlds. He doesn't care what he has to do, all he wants is to be on one more page.


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