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    Post by Shini Chikai on Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:31 pm

    This is a short guide as to the differences of certain RP. Normally threads are marked, and these are the most common tags. (Most often, untagged threads are regarded as "Social" topics.)

    [OPEN] - These threads are often open to all roleplayers. If this an exclusive thread, it may have a title such as "Open To ____ Only." Please note that not all threads are open, and if you wish to join a thread, you should contact the original poster before joining a thread than you may not have permission to join.

    [CLOSED] - This is usually changed from an OPEN tag. This means no more Roleplayers can join the topic. This is to prevent a large number of people flooding a thread.

    [PRIVATE] / [P]- These are threads open to only certain people. If a thread is not tagged, it is often assumed it is a private thread.

    [INVITE] / [I]-  You should contact the original poster to see if you can join this thread. This is usually a "PM FOR INVITE" based thread. It's the most exclusive type of thread.

    [SOLO]- Mainly used to do a little In character story, to maybe describe your character's backstory or something. As stated, only the poster may post here.


    [SOCIAL] - Social threads are mainly dialog based. The users may fight to a degree, but it will be nothing more than a short scuffle. If things do get serious in fighting, it is advised that it be turned into a COMBAT thread.

    [COMBAT] / [KV] / [DE] / [MV] - All combat threads are kill and maim viable. The only exceptions is if, and ONLY IF the original poster has set rules for the thread. These rules include, but are not limited to: No weapons, no permanent injury, no killing etc. Most often, if something controversial happens, an staff member may be required to judge the actions made in the thread. A mod may pass judgement, but an admin always gets the final say.

    [DEVELOPMENT] / [Dev]- These are often threads with insane word counts. These are made in FLASHBACK tags or other interesting tags. They are made for development, and have almost no set rules on what to expect (except long posts).

    [MATURE] / [M]- These are threads where both user may participate in mature actions. This can get gory, or in cases, sexual. Viewers discretion is advised.

    [EVENT/PLOT] - These are plots that have been made by either an admin or a member. Events are huge, and achievements are usually given at the end of these plots or events. Plots are on a smaller scale then Events usually are. Anyone is allowed to join these, as long as the creator of the plot/event approves.

    NOTE: Guide is subject to change and updates periodically.


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