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    Post by Kyuurei on Sun Apr 10, 2016 4:49 pm

    Name: Kyuurei
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dragon (Ice)
    Age: 15
    Birthday: September 1st
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: N/A, besides him having a thick layer of frigid fur.

    Personality:  Kyuurei is a mostly calm and very independent dragon who is always determined in achieving his goals, fortunately he doesn't want to have so much power and responsibility in his hands so it's highly unlikely to find him asking for a high position. He is also very protective, not overprotective towards his close ones for his family and close friends. Probably because he doesn't wants to lose them like how he lost his family and friends a long time ago, so it is normal for him to hiss or sometimes attack others who he thinks, are threatening his family/friends. When you first met him, he may be a shy little dragon. Well that's because he is not confident in speaking with others for the first time, specially in a group of strangers. He will stay quiet in a group even if he is with someone he knows. But you can't blame him for being shy and quiet because of his trust and social issues toward others since he was a little hatchling. Once he gained enough confidence and pushed his issues out of the way, you'll see his true attitude. You'll be suprised in how much he talks, ask questions and show off his feelings about others in WORDS! More of this will be expanded more below

    Kyuurei is a really curious dragon, as he is still young in age, and he will frequently asks questions about EVERYTHING! Well no, only the things he haven't knew yet. He can ask so much questions that it may annoy the person he was asking questions too, so much. If you ask him nicely, he will stop. However, in other times, he won't stop and he will get carried away with his curiously. Not only he is so curious in asking questions, he is really adventurous. So he always loves to explore the world he lives in, but he isn't stupid to walk into a trap. But this gives him a possibly to bump into someone.

    When Kyuurei is confident in socialising with others, he may talk so much that he'll say things about what he thinks of others. It may be positive or it may be just plain respectful, which often makes Kyuurei feel bad when he had realised what he had said. However, in other times, he may feel mischievous and do pranks on others or worse, cause mischief and trouble. In other times, Kyuurei may feel... so gloomy and miserable and he rather not want others to cheer him up, and instead give him alone time. But you know this happens when he has a problem with someone's attitude or one's ideal to make life the way he thinks will be worse. Besides being moody and all of the stuff, Kyuurei may change his attitude towards others in order to complete with their personality. Like for example when he met someone who is all romance and stuff, he may play along with him/her. However, he doesn't do this all the time as his regular attitude stays when he is in a group, or he just doesn't feels like it.

    Besides his... 'mood swings', he is willing to offer help to others whenever they need it. The only disadvantage to his is because of his trust issues, he only help others who he thinks they are worthy of his help. His helpfulness depends on what kind of thing he have to help with, for example, in a battle, he helped in defending the attacker who asked for his help. Or in giving advice, Kyuurei will give them advice, but it's only based on his general knowledge so it may be inaccurate. But Kyuurei doesn't wants to be a leader, just a loyal helper.

    When he is in an one-on-one combat battle. Kyuurei usually avoid the opponent's attack and he will attempt to throw them off guard before he will proceed to attack. He will use basic/physical attacks first. If the opponent isn't effected by his basic attacks, then he will lead towards using his specials abilities. Sometimes, he will use his special attacks (You know, freezing the opponent, burning their eyes) right away into the battle...
    However, fighting in the battlefield of more than one fighters is a different story...

    -discovering/finding new stuff, trying out new things
    -Relaxing/mediating, just to cure boredom
    -Every human things. Which often lead him to stealing their stuff.
    -Babies. Dragon or human, he loves them all.
    -Birds and wolves, as they are Kyuurei's friends.
    -frogs and snakes, they're his favourite food. Cx
    -Stories/tall tales, real or not. They are entertaining to listen/tell.

    -Dragons. All of the dragon he had met in the past were so mean, cruel, disrespectful to other animals, him and even to each other! They are so hostile and unsympathetic that they gave Kyuurei trust and social issues.
    -Being called 'dumb', and/or 'useless' and whatever words relating to them.
    -Being alone for too long.
    -others refusing Kyuurei's help
    -Being alone for too long.
    -Being forced to do things he doesn't want to do.

    -Making a good friend or two, and sticking with them as long as possible.
    -Gaining all the knowledge he wanted to know.
    -Proving everyone that he wasn't weak or stupid.
    -Meeting Kyurem and/or Ice Climbers and be friends with them. (It's pointless but it's possible)
    -Besting everyone in games

    -People who are rude to him when they just met.
    -People who kills others with no/poor excuses.
    -Failing his mission and letting others down.
    -Being forever alone, not loved by anyone.
    -Losing the rest of his family.
    -Unfair treatment to others, including himself.

    Eyes: Magenta with silver/white iris
    Hair: blue which fades to cyan at each hair tip.
    Height: 10 feet
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Complexion: Kyuurei is mainly Blue-gray with underbelly like a polar bear's fur. Alternately, his 'inside fur' colour is black which can only be seen when his main fur was somehow melted. Kyuurei also has an extremely fluffy tail which is in a darker colour than the rest of his body.

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    Post by Nameless on Sun Apr 10, 2016 5:02 pm

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