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    Post by Kaseki on Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:21 pm

    After eating a whole pizza to myself after some came to my house to feed me, the realization of how repetitive my RP was dawned on me. Here is a list, a short list, of the many characters I used, and still use.

    [The Main Character]
    No matter what, they are the offspring of some unknown, or well known hero. Usually male. Skills include a simple art of elemental affinity, and weaponry, sometimes both. In most cases, this element is water or ice. This hero can't remember their past, or has tried very hard to forget it. But without the help of the other characters, they are extremely odd, curious and stupid. . .
    Characters: Kaseki, Kodai, Yoshige, Nameless, Darkurr, Kasey, Valiance, Chi Lau

    [The Idol]
    Childish, but wise. This character is lost without someone to both strengthen them, as well as parent them. Taught in some forbidden art, they are masters of the unique magic, Spirit of The Samurai. They are vague, and have almost no backstory, other than their personality. Their highest plot point is when they died, or are in the process of disappearing for good.
    Characters: Brushogun, Yoshimitsu

    [The Relative]
    From being the wife, to being the sister, the relationship between X and Y is clouded and confusing. They are always tied around the death of themselves, or Character X. Someone gets hurt, and it's usually their fault. They have no real purpose, other than to act as the concrete soul of Character X, and often get in weird positions of power.
    Characters: Shini Chikai, Aknaid, Kusatta, Miuu, Roshi, Kuren, Fetus, Teemo

    DARK X
    [The Evil Twin]
    No matter how you look at it, they are the evil twisted versions of the main hero. Be it by foil, or by mass genocide, this character is known for some weird tendencies of hate and combat. They often rival Character X, or act as the mirror to them to further their goal. In any case, their morals are odd and unjust.
    Characters: Kodai, Fourth Horseman, Zeon Eldia, DJ Skullface, Dovakitty, Crimson King, Christine Lionheart


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