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    A New Beginning? [Private/Kasey]


    THIS IS MADNESS! I'm Important Too! A New Beginning? [Private/Kasey] Empty

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    A New Beginning? [Private/Kasey] Empty A New Beginning? [Private/Kasey]

    Post by Silver on Thu May 05, 2016 12:34 am

    The new day dawned, the sun shining its rays down on the inhabitants of Toonvile. Specifically it seemed to be shining down on a single house in particular. Inside it was rather messy, a table still set with an unfinished dinner of steaks and wine sat in one room while clothes lay in a heap on a couch. In the bedroom, wrapped in each others’ arms were two individuals. Both appearing to be female, at least physically, but the man known as Gray began to wake in his lover’s embrace. Wrapped in the warmth from his bed, blankets and Kasey, save for one long slender leg poking out from under his blankets and dangling off the side of his bed. It was clear that despite his womanly form he still slept like a man comfortable in his own bed.

    But as for everything morning must come and the bliss of sleep must end and for Gray that was no exception. He slowly began to come around to consciousness, his arm wrapped around Kasey’s shoulder and his hand resting on the middle of her back, as the memories of his night of passion with her began to surface in his mind. He would smile, remembering her final words about how she thought she wanted to be this way forever. He didn’t exactly know what she had meant by those final words before the two passed out spent from their passionate night but he had some kind of small inkling in the back of his mind about what it could mean. For now however he would decide that if he were to be dragged back to the land of the waking then so too would Kasey, though she would probably find his way of waking her more enjoyable than his own.

    Gingerly he would move her so that he could place another kiss on her lips, not wanting to wake her until the somewhat romantic gesture took root.

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    A New Beginning? [Private/Kasey] Empty Re: A New Beginning? [Private/Kasey]

    Post by Kasey on Fri May 06, 2016 6:13 pm

    A New Beginning? [Private/Kasey] 2pri9lx

    "Mmmmm?" she would move just a hair from where she lay. Her arm wrapped around him, she could feel his warmth, the night being not a dream, but reality. Smiling, she would open her eyes slowly to see his blurred face, only to lay back down to rest. "So it wasn't a dream." She spoke.

    The both of them lay, only with memories of a night that came after odd meetings in the most random of places. But that's how she preferred it. It was like destiny guiding her to her goal, the only question was if it would last forever. But if not, her memories would.

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