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    Post by Fetus on Wed Sep 17, 2014 12:21 pm

    Name: Fetus
    Nickname: Dog
    Gender: Male
    Race: Canine
    Age: 2 Years old (14 in dog years)
    Birthday: May 17th
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Unique Characteristics: Is a dog, that is bipedal

    Personality: "Bark." Such wiser words have not been spoken. It was by a dog, a simple dog. Fetus is a honorable creature. He always hopes for the best in the world. He is of few words, and he follows those he trusts. He will protect his friends, family, friends, and even family with his life. He is a curious being with a very limited attention span. He could could repeat things, just as I did moments ago. Fetus is a kind hearted creature who loves those who... well, exist. His short attention span leads him into trouble, but remembers everything given some time. He's often lost in thought because of this. He's a playful puppy, and if he can't get his way... we usually forgets about it the next minute. This plays to many people's advantage, if her were a human. But because he is a dog, people don't think much of him. This allows him to slip in most places unnoticed. He tries to be human sometimes, only to receive a pat pat on the head for his attempt and failure.He's not the most intelligent creature, but possibly one of the most loving. His willingness to fight, protect and love cannot be emphasized more. Could it be because he is a dog? Perhaps. But who is to say?

    Fetus is very skilled fighter. In combat, his playful persona completely fades and transforms into that of a valiant, brave  warrior. He takes every battle he faces, as if he were fighting for his final time. He cares deeply for the safety of his comrades and will always bail them out if they are unable to handle whatever they may be up against. He shows no mercy to those who try to hurt people he cares about and would do anything, even kill to protect himself and those around her. Fetus normally prefers to be the one leading, rather than being led. If he is ever not the leader, he usually just stays close to the one in command. He wants the best for his group, and would do ANYTHING to protect them. (Like a loyal dog). Fetus can easily work with a team to complete a goal and never gives up fighting.

    Fetus is something short of a dreamer. Why isn't he a full on dreamer? Well it could be his short attention span, but that isn't it. Fetus seeks to unite the world. He does not care if it is under the cloak of darkness or behind the shield of light, he seeks peace. The only way he believes peace can be achieved, is if everyone is on the same side. He tries best to avoid any ignominy. He is not so keen when it comes to doing any hard labor work. He does want to do work, but because he knows he is not that largest of creatures, he shouldn't be pushed to extremes. He is clueless about the world due to his brain being unable to retain most information.

    - LOVES shiny things, for laser chasing his his hobby
    - Food, lots of food. Fetus loves to eat
    - Cats, He loves animals, and cats seem to be mysterious to him

    - Ugly People, they seem to caught up in their own appearance and it drives him sick
    - Boring places, he has a short attention span and needs to be entertained
    - Bright lights, he doesn't like to be blinded. He finds it annoying and will bark until the light goes away

    - Food, he loves to eat, and therefore wants to try all the flavors of the world. He'll eat ANYTHING
    - Pleasing his master, he wants nothing more than to please his owner
    - Shiny things, they distract him. He likes being distracted

    - No more food, starvation and dying from it is his biggest fear
    - Being blind,he was blind once before, and he doesn't want to relive his newborn years
    - Having his tongue chopped off, because obvious reason is obvious..

    Eyes: Amber
    Hair: Brown/tan
    Height: 1'11"
    Weight: 80lbs
    Complexion: Brown fur

    Organization: Mermaid Tail
    Tattoo: Left Thigh, Outside



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    Post by SolarFlare on Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:47 pm

    .... Because i know who's character this is.... Approved o-o

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    Post by Kaseki on Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:00 pm


    They grow up so fast...



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