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    Post by Nameless on Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:16 pm

    [15:12:41] @ Kaseki : I guess I'm gonna rush Iron Fist Tournament
    [15:12:49] @ Kaseki : And everyone is going to miss out on the Artifacts.
    [15:13:01] @ Akira : You dont have to. Im just excited for the next plot. Iron Fist Tournament is fun
    [15:13:07] @ Kaseki : Which means I can't release the relics until those items get taken
    [15:13:20] @ Kaseki : I mean most people went inactive...
    [15:13:28] @ Akira : Theyre losers
    [15:13:32] @ Kaseki : ehhhhhhhhhh
    [15:13:50] @ Kaseki : I can't start Attack on Pandora until Artifacts are released
    [15:14:00] @ Kaseki : because they drive the plot
    [15:14:10] @ Kaseki : And the Relics drive the plot AFTER that...
    [15:14:26] @ Akira : Ohhhh
    [15:14:43] @ Kaseki : Defeats the point of the Pre-Relics I'm dropping in this round, before almost every fight drops a relic
    [15:14:43] @ Akira : Then lets get to doing more Iron Fist Tournament
    [15:14:54] @ Kaseki : Peeps needa post. lol.
    [15:15:06] @ Kaseki : Next round I'm forcing like 5 fights at once.
    [15:15:14] @ Kaseki : But I need to finish the Kaseki plot thing
    [15:15:21] @ Kaseki : And I'm gonna try to get 5 posts in on it today.
    [15:15:39] @ Akira : Good! Then, you can helps me with magic yeah?
    [15:15:47] @ Kaseki : Ya
    [15:16:03] @ Kaseki : Though a lot of these Artifacts give you powers to begin with
    [15:16:15] @ Kaseki : and even just Spectating an Iron Fist Tournament fight gives you rewards.


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