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    Post by Xisryss on Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:09 pm

    Name: Xisryss Uchiha
    Nickname: Xii, Butterfly
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: Sixteen
    Birthday: March 2nd
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Unique Characteristics: None


    Rude & Assertive

    Once upon a time she had maintained a high ranking position amongst her peers , as an advisor, and giving how much of a mature woman she appears to be, Xii can actually be one of the most ill-mannered women within the world. All of this stems from her own moral that she doesn't care what others think of her, save for a select few people who she'd pretty much consider "hers". Unless she has good reason to do such, she doesn't believe in holding her tongue. She is extremely blunt and believes sticking to her opinion unless proven otherwise.  Albeit, she tends to save her anger for people she doesn't like, and while easy to anger, she isn't one to get aggressive quickly. She mostly prefers to simply keep her disputes at an understandable tone, giving simple smart insults with the hope that she wouldn't have to get angry and become rowdy. Most times she'd simply walk away, albeit she still doesn't believe in ruining her morals too easily. Once she does throw her concern for her own morals out the window, though, she can become one of the most obnoxious women ever. She cusses like a sailor and is quick to result in violent if a person does or if she finds that she is losing an argument.  

    Immodest & Improper

    As mentioned, Xii isn't as "professional" as she sometimes leads people to believe she is. Along with her rather rude and assertive nature, she is quite immodest at times which stems from her not caring for the opinion of most people.  Her immodesty is best showcased by her obsession with drinking and sex. Whenever she becomes annoyed or simply bored she'd either start drinking at home or especially go to a bar and drink until she feels better. Unfortunately, she never feels better, and as such, while she has a high tolerance for alcohol she pretty much would always drink until she's drunk. When she's drunk all of her grace and professionalism is all forgotten. She is pretty much one of the worst drunks there is as when she's drunk she becomes violent, blunt, reckless and hormonal all at once. She constantly claims that she'd stop drinking, and she has a few times, but she pretty much always goes back to it whenever something just slightly annoys her.  

    Intelligent & Cunning

    One thing about Xii that should never be underestimated is her intelligent. It is something that most people expect of her given how poise and levelheaded she carries herself, but most people still underestimate just how intelligent she is great.   Pass of all this, the woman is generally a very intelligent person in pretty much anything. She is capable of picking up a task for the first time, and as long as she actually has the drive to do it she can become high competent in it in about half the time it would take others. She is capable of deducing things greatly, and while a powerful woman, she is actually usually not fighting on the battlefield until she is truly needed since her intelligence is better applied for strategic purposes. She somewhat loathes her intelligence for this reason though since she'd much rather fight than doing boring tasks such as planning, albeit she somewhat enjoys taking the role of doing the work of her superiors, for the right price.

    Bloodlusted & Violent

    As mentioned, Xii is violent. This stems from her own love for battle. True enough she would prefer not to fight most people out of pride, this is simply her not wanting to waste time with those she considers weaker than her. Once a person pushes her to anger enough or if she deems someone worthy of her time, it is then the woman's love for battle is exhibited. Her liking for battle is as large as her love for those she care for and as her other obsessions of alcohol and sex.   Xii worst habit though is the fact that she is somewhat obsessed with domination and obedience. This is to the point that the woman has the belief that all persons ought to swear loyalty to her. She generally tries to fulfill this goal whatever chances she gets, particularly whenever she sees someone who she deems "useful" to her.

    - Training
    - Sunagakure
    - The Uchiha

    - Wimps
    - The Senju
    -  Sour Foods

    - To become the leader of the Uchiha Clan
    - To become the strongest Uchiha
    - To test her skills against the world

    - Being weak
    - Not unlocking her full potential
    - Losing her "light"

    Eyes: Pink (Red when sharingan is activated)
    Hair: Black with pink colorings
    Height: 165 cms
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Complexion: Fair

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    Post by Shini Chikai on Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:07 pm

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