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    Maya "Asura"


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    Maya "Asura" Empty Maya "Asura"

    Post by Maya on Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:47 pm

    Name: Maya "Asura"
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Race: Kitsune(Divine Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit)
    Age: 1,000 (Appears 18)
    Birthday: July 17th
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Unique Characteristics: Being a divine fox spirit, Maya has the unique characteristics of a fox such, fluffy fox ears and a tail. Because she is not a normal fox, she has 9 tails instead of just one. Her eyes are like bright amber jewels. Her one other unique trait is the fact that she can change back in between her Kitsune and human form(to be explained in greater detail in appearance description)

    Maya is very selfish and self centered, she mostly only cares for herself. In other words, Maya is a bitch. Maya feels that humans are beneath her in status and self worth. Being a divine being, she considers herself to be above other people. She's cruel, harsh, violent, and crude. Though that's only when someone upsets her. When it comes to other people that Maya acknowledges as her equal, she's slightly nicer to them but not much.
    She loves herself and her looks probably the most. The fact that she considers herself to be extremely beautiful, Maya feels that normal people should feel honored just to gaze at her "godly visage" as she calls it. Maya loves being showered in compliments and praise. She refuses to do any type of labor and will always shove it onto someone else. Maya is very unfriendly and won't bother talking to people she feels are beneath her. She thinks that everyone around her, should feel lucky that she graces them with her presence.

    All these traits make her a himedere. She wants everyone to treat her like royalty and won't allow anyone to treat her as anything less. She tends to have a foul mouth making her verbally abusive to others. Maya is quite open with her sexuality but when it comes to those she has romantic feelings for, she is the complete opposite. She won't be honest about her feelings for the person she likes and wants them to put her on a pedestal and be faithful to only her.

    Due to her particular personality, Maya tends to be more verbally and physically abusive towards her love interest especially when they do something to upset her like; getting close to another person intimately or saying the wrong thing. This usually results in Maya either whacking her crush with something hard and blunt or calling him a "pervert" and so on.

    When Maya isn't being crude, cold and a bitch. She's surprisingly childish in nature. She has an abundance of curiosity and can be playful. She likes things that shine and sparkle. Maya's way of speaking is usually very refined and that of a ten year old child so not many people take her very seriously.

    When it comes to Maya's fighting style and persona in a combative situation, she's cruel, calculating and will always aim for her enemy's weak points when she finds them. She likes to have the upper hand in combat if she can. She feels that having the upper hand in a fight is the best way to win.

    Maya tends to fall easily for enemy taunts. Especially when they concern her physical appearance or her lineage. Otherwise, she'll just scoff at them and dish them right back at her foes. Maya doesn't waste even a second in battle. Her policy is to always strike first in every fight.

    -Shiny Things
    -Being Treated like Royalty



    -being dirty

    Eyes: Amber Orange
    Hair: Human Form: Black with two white streaks near her bangs. Kitsune Form: Snow white
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Complexion: fair
    Because of the fact that Maya is a nine-tailed fox spirit of divine origins, she has both a human form and her true form. When in human form, Maya has the appearance of a lovely and beautiful 18 year old girl with long silky black hair with two streaks of snow white, fair skin, slender figure, and a well endowed bust. Her eyes are amber orange in color and look like two beautiful gems. She wears a gorgeous and sexy silk white short kimono with orange and red elegant designs. The sleeves of her kimono fall off her shoulders slightly and she wears wrist guards. In her hair, she wears a bow that holds her hair style together and that matches her kimono. She never wears shoes, instead, Maya wears a pair of ankle guards nearly identical to her wrist guards.

    When Maya is in her true form, her silky black hair is pure snow white and has a pair of two fluffy fox ears the same color as her hair. Her outfit is exactly the same only now, she also has a set of nine large fluffy pure snow white colored fox tails. When in this form, Maya looks godly beautiful. With her porcelain white skin and amber orange eyes that seem almost demonic, she has no equal in terms of breathtaking beauty.

    Human Form:
    Maya "Asura" 500px-Ara_Asura_Normal

    True Form:
    Maya "Asura" 500px-Ara_Asura_Eun

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    Maya "Asura" Empty Re: Maya "Asura"

    Post by Andr01d on Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:36 pm

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