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The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

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Unknown Lands

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    Poking my head back in and apologies


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    Poking my head back in and apologies Empty Poking my head back in and apologies

    Post by Timmir on Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:49 am

    Hey everyone. I'm not sure how many of you would remember me, or how long it's been. Half a year now? Geez... Anywho. I've decided to apologize for my sudden absence for that time. I honestly don't have much of an excuse. Things just got busy, and I just didn't have time to pop in here anymore. I kindof still don't. Yet, even then, I should have mentioned something -_-

    I'm not sure if I'm coming back fully or not. However, I'm going to try to pop in every now and again to say hi to everyone. And see how everyone has been doing.

    Until then,
    Timmir :D

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    Post by Kaseki on Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:52 pm



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