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    Zeon Eldia [TRAINING]

    Zeon Eldia
    Zeon Eldia
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    Post by Zeon Eldia on Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:39 pm

    Name: Zeon Eldia
    Nickname: The Dwarf
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elven
    Age: 18
    Birthday: December 19th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: Very short. Wears a black floppy cap

    Personality: A cruel, malevolent and calculating character. Zeon does not show signs of a strong and deep personality, nor does he present much of his personal motivations. However, the idea that Zeon is mute is disproved by his ability to interact with other characters in conversation. Zeon also seems to have a particular fondness for sleeping. Most of the time begins with him oversleeping and having to be woken up by some other character. However, even as seemingly harmless, Zeon carries a tainted soul full of evil and corruption. Upon the great falling of the starfalls he kills his own father. This reason was solely because of distrust, and the "wasting of a wish". He finds his mother was dead and the wish made by his father. Little did Zeon know that they wanted to have their own son back, and his mother gave up her life for that. Zeon is a ruthless killer with no remorse for anything. He will gladly pit his own teammates against each other if it means he does not have to share his rewards. He will use his sword just so he can have a swift kill in the eyes of the world. He cares not of how he does it, only that he can paint the town red with the blood of the fallen.

    Zeon is a hard to relate-to kind of character. He will look down upon everyone he meets and will put them down, or point out that he is greater. He's essentially the school bully who never grew up. One could say that this is something of a "short man's complex" but you could never be sure. He's not an easy to read person with all of his emotions on lockdown. He will steal from anyone, and literally, ANYONE. He'll kill his friends, stab his family, betray people just for fun. This is the soul of Zeon Eldia.

    - Killing
    - Painting with blood
    - Naps

    - Small Puppies
    - Cookies
    - Kindness

    - Killing a lot of people
    - Enslaving the world
    - Watching chaos unravel.

    - Conceited People
    - Stupid People
    - Humans
    - Anything Not Toon Related
    - Golems
    - Elves
    - Dirty Things
    - Poor People

    Eyes: Red
    Height: 3'7"
    Weight: 50lbs
    Complexion: Gray

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    Post by Xiba on Thu Nov 12, 2015 10:00 pm



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