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    Janneline Ariel


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    Janneline Ariel Empty Janneline Ariel

    Post by Janna on Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:34 am

    Janneline Ariel 300px-Future_Lucy

    Name: Janneline Ariel
    Nickname: Janna, Cloaked Woman
    Gender: Girl
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Birthday: 31st of March
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: Always wears a cloak. ALWAYS. You will never, ever see Janna without her cloak.

    Personality:Janna is a calm, discreet and inteligent girl. She loves spending time alone, thinking and planning things, sorting her life out.  She is a little sarcastic, a smart-ass, yet well-mannered. She is a loner, a person that despises being in big groups of people, and would almost never be seen with anyone. She is cold, serene, almost never speaks with everyone. People often describe her as a shadow, since she is silent and stealthy as one. She doesn't believe in true friendship, as she thinks that there will be a moment in which a person gets tricked by someone they call a friend, this is why she keeps herself as a loner, a person that doesn't communicate or make friends. Despite her serene personality, despite the fact she always thinks things twice before actually doing something, she has a strange mania of destroying things.  She doesn't trust people, and despite the popular belief that if you have connections with other people, powerful or not, you can get to the top, Janna  believes that everything can be  achieved by putting enough effort in it, and that a person alone can do it, without needing anyone else. She is terribly bold and would enter a fight without doubting it, but would think twice when risking her life for other people, as she doesn't like risking her life for people that haven't proved their loyalty to her. Seako is very impatient too, if she wants something, she wants it now . She also doesn't care what people feel or if they do or do not want to know the truth about something. She will spill the truth, ignoring the fact if the person might or might not get hurt.

    Janna  also has a small superiority problem, and quite an arrogant attitude. She often sees herself as stronger and prettier than many other, and would do anything just to prove it. Apart from this, she is an awfully prideful person, and an awfully competitive one. Despite that, she wouldn't cheat in a fight, and would rather fight until death than do that. The fact that she is a dark mage doesn't mean she has to recur to cheating in competitions, although aside of her, a lot of dark mages don't cheat either, but well.

    - Being alone: Janna enjoys being alone, as this way she is sure nobody can stab her in the back, and can succumb in her thoughts without being disturbed by annoying people.
    - Power: The sole idea of power makes her smile. Power. Might. The more powerful a person is, the harder he is to beat, the greater he is
    -  Fighting: It makes her become stronger, harder to beat, so this is one of Janna's favourite activites.

    - Big groups of people: It's like friendship. The sole idea of it disgusts her. Big groups of people annoy her, there's too much noise, too much talking.
    - Religion/Praying: In her opinion, Praying and Religion are ridiculous. Why do people do it? There's nobody up there that can save the earth. If you're doomed, you're doomed and that's it. There's no mystic force that will help you out, so there's no reason to pray.
    - Friendship: Even the word disgusts her. Janna hates friendship since she believes that this is the most perilous thing in the world, because often a person gets stabbed in the back by someone they trusted, and that hurts much more than any other thing.

    - Will to become the Strongest: She is competitive. That is clear. Janna elieves that if she is the strongest, nobody would be able to beat her, which would be terribly pleasing for her.
    - Will to become Invincible: That is clear too. She wants to become impossible to beat, eternal. She wants to be known as the mage that could not be defeaten.
    - Will to become a ruler- Power attracts Janna. She wants to become a ruler of something, of a group of people, or whatever, but she wants to rule.

    - Insects- A really common fear around females, Janna  cannot stand being near insects. Their small, hideous bodies disgust her, and she somehow fears them, for an unknown reason. If she sees an insect, she won't doubt in walking away as fast as she can or attacking it with her sword.
    - Small spaces: Janna has a terrible fear of small spaces, she thinks that in one moment she will no longer have air and will die because of the lack of air.
    - Being abandoned: Janna's Loner attitude has an explanation, and it is the fear of her being abandoned by someone dear to her: in the past she had been abandoned so many times that she developed a fear towards being abandoned once again, and isolated the world from herself, this fear stopping her from making contacts or allies.

    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Blonde
    Height: 158cm.
    Weight: 103lbs.
    Complexion: Pale
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    Post by Fetus on Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:45 pm

    Janneline Ariel 2czy2ys
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