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    Nanashi's armor

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    Nanashi's armor Empty Nanashi's armor

    Post by Don Quixote on Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:06 pm

    Name: Boido
    Owner: Nanashi
    Type: Armor (Full Body)
    Rank: Weak
    Description: Nanashi's armor Transmogrification-rogue-pvp-level-70-rare-small

    Nanashi wears leather armor as it is lighter than plate armor. He wears a flak jacket over a sleeveless black shirt along with greaves and brigantines to cover the arms and legs. It is black and covers the shoulders, torso, arms, and legs (all counts as one item).
    Length: N/A
    Weight: 10 lbs
    - Has its own health (Durability: 10 Weak Hits / 4 D Spell hits)
    - Covers the whole body
    - Doesn't cover his head
    - If it's destroyed he will have nothing on but shirt and pants which will do nothing to protect him.
    - Leather is a tough material for blades/spells but unlike steel plate armor people can hit him bare-handed without injuring themselves.
    Ability: N/A

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    Nanashi's armor Empty Re: Nanashi's armor

    Post by Kaseki on Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:08 pm

    Nanashi's armor Mmvo1l


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