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    Metallic Tears (History of Janna)


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    Metallic Tears (History of Janna) Empty Metallic Tears (History of Janna)

    Post by Janna on Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:23 pm

    Janna had always had an affinity with metal, and a special connection to dragons. So when a huge dragon with silver and gold scales swooped from the sky to land in front of her, she nearly fainted in excitement. The girl adjusted her cloak around her as the fierce wind stirred up by the dragon's wing beats threatened to rip it off her small body. Her brown eyes widened at the sight of this powerful and absolutely massive creature landing before her. Honestly, she was a little awestruck. The metal dragon had appeared before her.... but why?

    "Jannaline Ariel. My name is Metalicana.  And I have decided to teach you my ways." said the powerful-looking dragon. He seemed to radiate power, everything about him screamed it. Janna's eyes widened furthur at this, but a smile was forming on her shell-pink lips. Here was a powerful dragon, offering to teach her his secrets. And the metal dragon no less. Janna fingered the bangle about her wrist, silver with a sapphire set into the center. She was definitely going to accept this opportunity... but what was she going to have to go through to obtain her magic? This was something she needed to know before she did anything.

    "Woah Woah Woah. First off, Metalicana, what do you mean, "teach you my ways"? Secondly, what does this imply? What would I be doing?" asked the girl, brown eyes now narrowed. She needed to know what this entailed, especially if the dragon wanted something from her in return. She tilted her head at the beast before her, well aware her snark could get her killed. If the dragon didn't like it he would most likely kill her.

    But the dragon didn't kill her. He made a noise that almost seemed to be a sigh before answering her. "It means I will teach you to use slayer magic. As for what you have to do, much hard training is ahead." The dragon looked at her, his own silver eyes fixing with her warm brown. " Are you accepting of the challenge, Jannaline Ariel?"

    "I am, metal dragon Metalicana. Teach me your ways." Responded Janna with a steady voice, and a steadier gaze. The dragon nodded at this, and bowed his head, a gesture that meant for her to climb atop his back. He was going to take her to a place where they could train properly, open, and full of metal.

    Flying made Janna want to puke, if she was completely honest. Was that a sign, that she had the power of which the dragon spoke? Dragon Slayers were known for having motion sickness. Though she had never been amazing with moving objects. The pale girl turned a little green, trying not to puke all over Metalicana.


    Janna concentrated, her blond hair dripping with sweat. She concentrated for a minute more, and then released her energy in the way Metalicana had been teaching her to. "Metal Dragon's Roar!" shouted the girl as a swirling cloud of metal shards erupted from her mouth. The vortex grew in size until it was nearly 10 meters long, and 5 meters wide. Janna's eyes widened. She had never had her roar be quite so large before. A sign she was finally getting the hang of it, perhaps? Metalicana watched from the side, silver eyes completely devoid of any emotion, betraying no hints of what he was thinking. The girl was certainly getting stronger, but was she ready?

    "Come here, Jannaline." said Metalicana as he gazed at the girl. The silver-and-gold dragon motioned for her to join him with a flick of his tail. Janna came over obediently, though she crossed her arms over her chest. What was it this time? Almost every time he called her over, he criticized something else. They hadn't taken a break all day, and Janna had been at it for hours. "Yes, Metalicana?" asked the girl with a small sigh. She hated this, but training was the only way her power would increase.

    Metalicana huffed at Janna, clearly annoyed at her indifference.  The dragon paused for a moment, before speaking. "Jannaline, you need not only to concentrate and release your power. You have to learn to control your power, to expand or narrow your roar at will. " said the dragon, his silvery voice floating throughout the Plains. "Oh really?" asked Janna with a cocky grin. The dragon merely sighed, having quickly learned how stubborn Janna was, when he had tried to make her do warm-ups first.

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