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    Lexia Verdant [DONE]

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    Lexia Verdant [DONE] Empty Lexia Verdant [DONE]

    Post by Lexia on Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:16 pm

    Name: Lexia Verdant
    Nickname: Lex, Lexa, Lexy
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 21
    Birthday: September the 16th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics:
    It’s described later, but Lexia has streaks of different colour through her hair. But something else to note is that her arm was amputated due to a horrible injury. That being said, she has a mechanical arm which replaces the destroyed and twisted arm. She can remove this if she wants to, but it is especially vital that she does use magic as the magic can make the robotic arm blow up.
    One other thing to note is that with her removed arm (if enough magic is provided) can reform from the element she has been using. So, overuse of fire would recreate a fire limb, water would create a water arm, etc etc. (This is purely for aesthetics and the ability to ‘cast’ magic with that arm. It can be cut, grabbed or anything like that, but it's like trying to grab air. Lex also cannot use this arm like a normal arm. She needs the robotic one for 'regular' usage.)

    She’s a little bit of a quiet person, staying at the back of the group so she can watch and gauge other people's reactions. Many people would consider trusting someone who is a quiet watcher like herself. She appears just a person who people would rather not go and talk with, which is more than true considering the constant cold expression which she can have. The only ways in which she would even consider to open up and speak when people is if they mention a topic or area which she can find or has an interest in. These things which Lexi finds interesting to her are things which she has no idea about or heard of in the past. Lexia would be considered extremely inquisitive because of this small flare that she has, as she wouldn’t want to be left out of a conversation which she finds interesting. Or have be the cause of something which is a giant misunderstand, thus her quieter nature.

    People who talk too much she often considers them to be a threat because no one is talkative without their own personal gain. Instantly, she can be distrusting and often has a hard time trusting people who say more than a few sentences at a time. Sometimes she won't really trust even common folk with their chatterbox-like nature, and thus dislikes being the at the center of large crowds attention.

    Lex is also rather adventurous, willing to go out and explore different cities and areas where she has never really been before. Due to having a rather keen eye for detail, she normally doesn't get too lost in rather crowded streets-especially when she has been there before. She is rather happy with looking through new places, but while she is exploring she can appear to be a bit cold or stand-offish, not wanting to really interact with people while she is looking about. Lexia is also more aggressive while she is in this state, really not wanting to be interrupted from her exploration.

    If things go bad in a situation, Lexia is rather weak willed. She won't really try and stand up for something which she knows is true, but others are hammering her that it's not. Rather, she would allow herself to be bombarded with untruthful things and therefore allow people to sorta just believe what they want to believe. She will keep the truth to herself if they are that stubborn that they don't want to believe her. This also stands true for fighting. If she doesn't have a purpose for fighting, such as defending people she respects, loves, likes, etc, she would easily fold.  

    Overall, people could summarize her as a silent watcher, only keen to hear and talk of the interests which able to aid her with her own personal gain.
    A distrustful figure with a shaded background in the streets.
    The silent watcher.

    -Animals, particularly anything which is from the canine family. Foxes, wolves, dogs, hybrids and anything which looks like a canine.
    -Due to her love for it, Lexia is an awesome cook. Sometimes. If she can be bothered cooking.
    -Lex also has a lot of enjoyment coming from learning and investigating new and unexplored regions (to her at least). Due to this, Lexia is wanting to explore even the shadier areas of every city so that she can eventually claim that she has been everywhere. However, due to the short lifespan of humans, this probably won't happen.

    -Pain, who doesn’t hate pain?
    -Boredom is another thing which she can’t stand as she prefers to be entertained by listening to others or exploring.
    -Seeing animals or creatures in pain, so she will try to help them, which can even lead to some rather interesting problems.
    -The ones who just seem to ignore or deliberately agitate and anger people who are trying to explain or share anything interesting. Another thing which she dislikes in relation to this is when people are being rude to those who are trying to teach others.
    - Lex also dislikes the thought of being tortured as it was this that lead to her arm being removed.

    -A desire to keep loyalty and ensure that her loved ones stay alive when she is around.
    -Any injured animal will spark in her a need to go and help them, especially if they are like a dog. Other animals, such as birds, dragons and anything else, spark this desire, but to a lesser degree.
    -Lexia wants to please everyone with the food that she can create. No matter how fussy and grumpy the person is, she will want to make them impressed, happy, or just improve their mood a little with what she creates. That is, of course, if they are actually hungry and want to eat. If not, oh well. Their loss.

    -Lexi fears the complete utter darkness, something so dark that she can’t even see a foot in front of her eyes.
    -She also fears the loss of her hair, something which she has been growing ever since she was a child.
    -Lexia has a tendency to fear talkative people, thinking they are out for their personal gain.

    Eyes: Her eyes are richly blue in colour.
    Hair: Lexia has hair which is slightly wavy and is jet black, however, through her hair are rather odd streaks of colour which are green, yellow, red and blue. Due to their rather abnormal appearance, Lexia hides these streaks in her hair so others normally cannot see.
    Height: She is 5 foot and 6 inches.
    Weight: Lexia weighs 52kg.
    Complexion: Lexia is, naturally, incredibly pale. She's almost white with her skin colour. It doesn’t have too much of a tan to it and she is more prone to burning than other people due to this pale skin.
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    Lexia Verdant [DONE] Empty Re: Lexia Verdant [DONE]

    Post by Shane on Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:49 pm

    Approved! Put it in the help desk next time please :)


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