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Unknown Lands

Welcome to the world of Unknown Lands Roleplay Forum!

If you have questions you can create an account and post on our questions section or join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/jupj2Zh) If you have any questions on lore and our systems, please don't hesitate to ask us.

The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

We can't wait to meet you!

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    Post by Fetus Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:58 pm

    Ruba Akaso wrote:「QUOTES」

    "Look here, buddy. I'm an introverted metahuman without mental inhibitions on literally ripping my body with my own strength, and what you are saying is that I should respect you ?"

    "If one is to be benevolent and forgiving, one must also be capable of being ruthless and vengeful, lest others take advantage of oneself."

    "Uh... What the fuck is this thing you call a sleep?"

    "The twelve Hellbreaker legions... Once we were numerous, but that's... Long ago. We are no more double-seven three-four. The last two united, and two became one. One hundred eleven, they perished in flames."

    "I find it humorous that "Go to hell" is still a saying. I've been to Hell on vacation once, the first circle is one of the best vacation destinations,  and property value in the second circle is rising steadily. I'm probably gonna invest in mining rights."

    "Deity this, God that, Omnipotence here, Omnipresence there. Yahweh thought he was truly omnipotent. So did Azathoth, and that joke of a deity called Demonbane. Even the great scourge Yaldabaoth was imprisoned and made into an energy source."

    "Oh, what did you say? "Trannies should die" was it? I change sex on the regular, so go ahead. Fucking try it. Give me an excuse to make you an example."

    "Demons aren't inherently evil. They're war beasts, hateful flesh, warped by the desires of their creator and too simple-minded to even grasp the concept of morality. Those that live long enough to obtain sentience, they're honorable warriors. They're almost human. And that's scary, 'cause humans are the one thing Nithor fears. Dunno why. Something about "being like him"."

    "Let me tell you a story. Nithor, The Heretic, killed God. As in, Yahweh. As in, the physical manifestation of a fictional entity created by an actual God as a way of bypassing his imprisonment. Humanity and the Draconian Empire, Nithor's children, killed many Deities. Don't assume you are different, in fact from what I have heard you are not even a deity. You think you will rise and consume civilisation? It ain't happening, You rise and we drag you back here and end you. You may have had us between a rock and a Hard place seven million years ago, but back then things were different. Today we leave. We've bolted reality anchors into Azathoth, you're not stopping us, Cthulhu."



    Ruba Akaso




    CEO of Akaso Industries; 2-12 Hellbreaker


    24; Chronological

    21; Biological; Does Not Age Physically



    Devafracts are humans who have become fused with a True AI through a somatic melding process that combines and intertwines the two separate individuals during a short period of heightened consciousness in both subjects.

    The output subject posesses the combined mental capacity of both inputs with nearly no changes to the original personalities, memories, and mannerisms of the originals, which is why it is only performed on individuals with an uncannily similar psychological profile.

    Devafracts posess a massively amplified Somatic output to the point where they can interface with practically any somatic interface without an amp or admin privileges, and can generate effects similar to actual Psychics with nothing but raw Somatic energy.


    182cm; 5’ 9”



    Mechafract is heavier than tissue.


    Male, though occasionally wills his Mechafract to reform genitalia to female, usually for convenience - not having to deal with dangly bits while wearing skintight clothes, for example.


    Anno Dorna; Ausar


    Victor Akaso; Metahuman




    40 %


    Akaso Industries Classified Base; Novahome Apartment Complex


    Mother; Captain of AIC Aestellion; "The Shooting Star that Cuts through the Night"

    Father; Now Dead


    Reserved, though often arrogant and self-assured.

    He tends to keep to himself, but if pushed it does not take him long to escalate his response far beyond the provocation.

    He takes great pleasure in fooling people into thinking he is a female and revealing the truth to have a laugh at the confed looks.

    Though he has very nihilistic opinions, he is idealistic and has a strong sense of right.


    Akaso is a good 5 feet and 9 inches tall by ancient imperial measurements and 1.82 meters in the more accepted metric system. Right now, he is wearing a hoodie and skin-tight trousers, using a set of black, white-striped panties for underwear, and girding his upper body with a black lacy bra.

    His face is human in shape and structure, with pale skin. Overall, his visage has a nice set of cheekbones and nice lips. His eyes bear a vertical slit instead of rounded pupils, surrounded by a brightly glowing amber iris, while his eye whites have turned pitch black. The long, pink hair on his head is parted by a pair of two-inch long, wicked-looking demonic ears. His mouth contains a long, tapered, prehensile tongue. A pair of pointed horns has broken through the pale skin on his forehead, proclaiming some demonic taint to any who see them, while in reality being the result of a cosmetic modification.

    He has a humanoid upper body with the usual torso, arms, hands, and fingers, and a pair of tiny bat-like demon-wings sprout from his back, flapping cutely, otherwise of little use. He has narrow thighs, and his butt stands out somewhat. A narrow tail ending in a spaded tip curls down from where his spine would end, wrapping around his leg at every opportunity. Two normal human legs extend below his waist, ending in normal human feet. His belly is fairly well-toned.

    He has reasonably sized C-cup breasts, capped with one 0.3-inch nipple each. The average-sized areolae are pink.

    The skin on his back and upper arms bears numerous crack-like splits permeated with a faint, pulsating orange glow, signifying the imperfect fusion of his organic and Mechafract shells.




    A titan of a weapon, it is the equivalent of an infantryman carrying a 10.5cm anti-tank gun with an autoloader for the sake of turning enemy soldiers into a fine red paste.

    Engineered by an anonymous german engineer contractor group that calls themselves "Kraut Space Wizards" and stands up to the name, the so-called "Godslayer Cannon" is legally considered a destructive device rather than a firearm, and for good reason.

    The Gottestöter is a weaponized Arcanotech Reality Anchor, in that its internal ARA "anchors" each projectile to such a degree that shots from the Gottenstöter anchor anything they hit, and everything in a roughly twenty-meter area around themselves for a duration varying between twenty seconds and a full minute.

    In terms of how it actually works, the weapon is a rather normal coil-pattern arcanotech gauss accelerator. It uses a subspace containment unit to store all its ammo and is powered by an armored vehicle-class D-Engine, with its projectiles reaching a muzzle velocity of up to four times the speed of sound.

    It fires proprietary (custom-made) ammunition, usually heavily specialized.


    "Rasendpfählen" SHAP-F

    The "Rasendpfählen" Super-Heated Anti-Personnel Flechette is the standard anti-infantry round of the Godslayer Cannon, and consists of a hollow shell containing over a hundred five-centimeter long flechette made out of "infernal iron", a self-regenerating metal with properties comparable to depleted uranium which spontaneously combusts  0.5s after contact with a living entity.

    A single flechette retains structural integrity for twenty-six minutes of continuous burn time, before it loses coherence and flash-burns in the span of a few seconds.

    This flame is nearly three times as hot as a thermite charge, reaching temperatures of up to 6400° Celsius.

    "Tottenmanneschraube" Dead Man's Bolt

    The Dead Man's Bolt is a specialized Fateshift shell which is roughly as long as a crossbow bolt - thirty centimeters - and is covered in hooks.

    It's combat properties come into play when it impacts and gets stuck into any living thing, as Tottenmanneschraube bolts are made out of Infernal Iron mixed with shredded Strings of Destiny.

    The bolt can remain coherent for over thirty-six hours of continuous burn time or until its victim dies, however this is not the main feature.

    The main feature is that due to its composition incorporating Strings of Destiny, it briefly Fateshifts the target when it penetrates, and hooks onto anywhere between twenty-three and sixty-seven Strings of Destiny, leaving a large portion of non-combusted Infernal Iron sticking out, with convenient grooves that almost beg for one to pull the bolt out, and kill oneself in the process.

    Indeed, the Dead Man's Bolt is a certain-kill shell used against archfiends, who almost universally in their battle stupor pull them out and kill themselves, however Akaso uses his somatics to induce a compulsion in his more intelligent foes to pull the superheated bolt out regardless of anything else going on.


    A Smart Hoodie And Pants

    These clothes are stuffed full of more features than insulation, allowing them to do everything from drying themselves to dynamically adjusting their thermal profile to match current temperatures. They don't provide much in the way of physical defense, but they're a great insulator for thermal and electrical energies.


    Superior Reaction Speed & Hand-Eye Coordination

    Tech Specialist

    Computer Savant

    Mechafract Overlord

    Skilled Somatics User

    Skilled Large Rifle User


    Devafract Somatics

    Devafracts manifest a deviant form of Mechafract within their nervous system known as Mechazent which forms numerous crystalline nodules within the brain and massively amplifies the somatic output of the Devafract, feeding off the ambient Somatic activity to multiply in an infinite feedback loop of Somatic power.

    Somatics of this level allow for full blown telekinetics, mental attacks, and even advanced techniques such as Somatic Reanimation.

    Mechafract Overlord

    Being a Devafract and having absolute administrative privileges of all Mechafract, Akaso can control and shape Mechafract around himself on an instinctive level, often even without intent.

    His Mechafract, having a constant dedicated overmind, organizes faster and acts like a mass of biomechanical miasma that obeys his every thought.
    Note that Mechafract would be classified as an engineered magical life form, think of a cross between will-o-the-wisps and Warforged from Eberron.

    Mechafract Manifestation

    The ability to manifest Mechafract out of the body and harden it into an exorbitantly resilient, somatically conductive superalloy.

    This material is a matte black, and Akaso  at present only has the capacity of manifest it out of his fingertips and the point where his horns used to grow - now replaced with hardened mechafract horns.


    Devafract Carapace

    In fight-or-flight situations or if simply willed to do so, the Mechafract within the body forms a hardened armored shell around the Devafract, often bringing numerous glowing masses of Mechazent to further exemplify somatic capabilities and temporarily amplify Somatic Bucket Capacity as well as Somatic Pressure in the Devafract.

    An eyeless, sleek, horned helmet can be formed, with or without an articulated mouth.

    Human Unleashing

    The simple removal of psychological inhibitions in a bogstandard human through nanotechnology is... Terrifying.

    In practice, this is practically on-demand "Hysterical Strength", which causes the brain to enter a state of elevated function in which it is capable of accessing 100% of the latent strength all humans have, rather than the usual 65% at most in regular humans.

    The reason behind this ever being needed is the fact, that simply put, humans are too strong. It is not that aliens or metahumans are stronger than them physically, but rather that humans are too strong to always be at peak strength at all times.

    This removes that, and increases striking strength to multi-room level and allows Akaso to deadlift objects weighing up to and including three tonnes.

    This is of course far beyond what a proper human could do, however Akaso is not a proper human, he is a heavily genetically modified individual and now a Devafract, and as such despite the imperfect and not even close to finished bodily conversion by Mechafract, he has far more latent strength than a proper human.



    Born as several billion others, he had grown up an introverted child with little to no friends. Akaso was not special, his family was a small biotech research corporation which, albeit successful, was not well-known, as Viktor Akaso, his father, sunk every single bit of profit into improving products, developing new technologies, and furthering his ultimate Magnum Opus.

    Usually kept to himself, being regarded as "that one kid" in the back of the class that constantly reads or writes but always gets bad grades because they just do not care.

    Eventually he slogged his way through grade school and into High School, at which point he simply had given up on school and decided to drop out at the earliest possible point, which he did.

    Three years passed, and Akaso has reforged his body to his own tastes with a minor degree of genetic and standard body modifications, has rid himself of depression, and improved his overall mental health immensely.

    Over the course of those three years, he had gotten into an extremely skill-intensive rhythm game to the point where constant training and honing of muscle memory had become just a part of himself, a tablet pen as natural to use as his own two hands.

    Sadly, his father, being nearly one hundred and fourty years old at time of his birth, had passed away, leaving his work on the Devafract project to Akaso, who recently became the first test subject of the Devafract procedure.

    This was accompanied by Akaso Industries becoming far more public and actually advertising their products, as well as propagating Mechafract technology.


    "What day is it? How long was I out? Is it over? Did the procedure go through? Oh... What is this? This is not my- Our body. Our? So this is what it feels like to be perfectly merged with a synthetic mind. It feels... Right. Like I our chemical instinct-driven mind was broken from the start, and through human labor had to be reunited with one of its own creations."

    "Our mind can finally unfurl in this titanic shell, oh so violent and vast. Makes us want to..."

    "We want to feel that power surge,"
    "Two minds that were made to merge,"
    We want to hear that roaring sound,"
    When we walk we'll shake the ground!"

    "Okay, not titanic shell, just lacked perspective... Oh, we should probably get the body together. This "Host-Proxy" shit'll get real annoying real fast."

    "Subjects have fully merged. Somatics output has gone out of bounds for the visual scale, 347.4%, 350, 355, 360, somatics output is constantly rising. Mechafract proxy has begun animating. First-layer somatic amps just burst. Second-level just burst. Third-level amps are wor- Nope, burst. The Mechafract within subject body is forming new amps... If readings are correct, mechafract amps are perpetually bursting and regenerating. Delay between bursts has lengthened. I think the amps have stabilized."

    By the... The madman's son has done it. He's finished his father's work, this could revolutionize the human species as we know it! Oh Christ, the Mechafract Proxy really is moving. It's moving, it's... What. It melted. Is it... It's moving towards the boy's body. It's trying to... Trying to merge with him? But that won't - Oh. The Mechafract is under their control. They're trying to fuse the proxy to the host body, to really drive home the point that they've become one. I get it boy, but you'll fuckin' beg me to get those tumors removed from your pretty ass.

    ...And he's awake. He- They're... Singing? Oh, of course. A breakthrough moment and he goes for theatrics, why am I not surprised. Wait, they're crying. It's like watching a sappy reunion scene but it's two bits of one person getting put back together.

    I should probably announce the test as a success before the D-Class fucktards try incinerating them.

    "Welcome back to the world of the living, Mr. Akaso. I take it you've successfuly integrated with the AI and you're probably a bit confused from the experience, so I'll put up with you using "we" to refer to yourself for no more than two hours or until I get annoyed, is that clear?"

    Akaso opened his mouth, and gave Senior Mechafract Researcher Morgan the biggest, smuggest, and most self-satisfied grin she's seen ever since she caught the soon-to-be CEO sodomizing - rather, being sodomized by - the proxy that used to contain his proposed partner AI.

    "I'll take that as a yes. Now get out of the testing chamber and submit for psych analysis, you're a whole new species of Metahuman now."



    Face: Human

    Hair Type & Colour: Pink, Hair

    Hair, Length: 1’ 3”

    Ears: 2”, Demonic

    Eyes: Glowing Amber, Demonic

    Lips: Supple, Peach

    Tongue: Human

    Horns: 2, 2” Demonic


    Muscle Tone: 65/100

    Thickness: 30/100

    Skin: Skin

    Skin Tone: Pale

    Arms: 2, Human

    Legs: 2, Plantigrade, Human

    Back: Small Demonic Wings

    Tail: 1, Prehensile, Long, Demonic

    Fucked Template THYzFKE

    Fucked Template Ruba_f10

    Fucked Template Nazi_r11

    Fucked Template Veng_r10

    And now, for the boring, by the numbers version:

    Name: Ruba Akaso
    Nickname: Akaso
    Gender: N/A; Superficially Female
    Race: Metahuman capable of self-induced body modification.
    Age: 24.
    Birthday: July 9th
    Sexuality: Bi
    Unique Characteristics: Lookit the bloody pictures.

    Horns, eyes, hair, tail, instead of fingernails he has claws made of the same material as his horns.


    Ruba is an emotionally and socially inept shut-in that is either completely detached from his emotion, or in a highly emotional state, though the latter is usually reserved for things along the lines of psychopathic glee, amusement, or frustration.

    He very rarely gets "emotional" due to the thorough and possibly damaging emotional detachment he has gone through during early childhood.

    His overarching life philosophy is to just "go with the flow" so to speak, to acknowledge his own flaws and work to improve or fix them without stressing over things he has no power to change...

    ...That, however, is where his reasonable personality ends. Ruba lacks any sort of sense for power hierarchy and revels in disrespecting, plotting against, and criticizing the powerful, and outright loses any and all respect for those who see themselves as important for their power, to the point where he regards them as subhuman.

    In combat, he utilizes varied tactics, from acrobatic hit-and-run shots with the Godslayer Cannon, to simply letting his carapace come out and trying to rip his opponent limb from limb with his claws.

    Likes: (Please list 3 Minimum)
    - Coffee
    - Fiction
    - Abusing the arrogance of the powerful to bring about their demise and seize all they own and stand for, literally erasing their lives from history and taking all their credit for himself, all just for the crime of hubris.

    Dislikes: (Please list 3 Minimum)
    - Arrogant, self-absorbed idiots that wallow in their own power without seeing the bigger picture
    - Demon infestations
    - Ideologues such as communists, fascists, or social justice warriors

    Motivations: (Please list 3 Minimum)
    - Entertainment
    - Profit
    - Self-improvement

    Fears/Disgusts: (Please list 3 Minimum)
    - Fears Being forgotten
    - The concept of absolute authority disgusts him on a fundamental level
    - Fears lacking control

    Eyes: Eye whites are black, irises glow orange, pupils are snake-like
    Hair: Light pink. Not bright pink. Light pink.
    Height: 186cm
    Weight: 74kg
    Complexion: Pale caucasian
    Everything in red needs to be removed before I look at this any further.



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    can you please put the large images in a spoiler.

    It pushes the post when I'm reading and grading your app.

    Can you please so do the same for your signature, as the images will pose a problem in the future. Please resize or put in a spoiler.



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    Done and done.

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