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    Kurusu Ruby [DONE]


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    Kurusu Ruby [DONE] Empty Kurusu Ruby [DONE]

    Post by Kurusu on Sun May 21, 2017 8:38 pm

    Name: Kurusu Ruby
    Nickname: Kuru
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elemental (Fire)
    Age: 17
    Birthday: May 20th
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Unique Characteristics: Though Kurusu has a distinct human form, when he is agree, that form can flicker slightly, and he will briefly turn into a humanoid flame, though that does not happen often.

    Personality: Kurusu can be described as a fiery trickster, he loves playing jokes on people, but he'll often react to random situations in a strange way: bursting into flames. Yes, that's right. Kurusu will burst into flames in some situations... well, a lot of situations. Whenever he experiences an intense bout of any emotion a flame will ignite somewhere on his body, making for some very awkward situations. He tries his absolute best to not burst into flames, but if something uncommon were to occur, Kurusu would burst into flames with no control over it. Now for Kurusu's 'trickster' side. He loves playing jokes, and often does things like 'accidentally' burning someone's pants off. It makes for some situations that Kurusu would call hilarious, even though they're just outright awkward. Kurusu still has an absurdly high IQ and uses big words, very big words. Also, many of Kurusu's philosophies are still the same, he still gives second chances, but is normally not one to give third chances, even though he does sometimes make exceptions.

    In battle, Kurusu is a totally different person. His personality essentially disintegrates, and he becomes a new person. A hyper-focused, insanely smart, robot-esque person. Kurusu can be found in the front lines, attacking his enemies with devastating attacks, but he also often pays attention to his enemies strategies, watching them closely and replicating them to the best of his abilities later in the battle. And the 'best of his abilities' is very, very good, Kurusu can perfectly replicate many fighting styles, even those he's only seen a few times. Kurusu is also very good with weapons, from swords to staves to guns. Yes, that's right, guns. Kurusu's not a professional marksman by any means, he still misses shots more often than he would like. But that does not matter to him because he mostly focuses on melee combat, speed, and utterly destroying his opponents with his flames, especially enemies that use water magic. This is because they are often blind-sided by the fact that they cannot simply put out Kurusu's flames, they have to actively dodge them. Kurusu's speed is also of note, Kurusu is crazy fast, and it's something that he uses to overwhelm his opponents, who can often not keep up with Kurusu in terms of speed. He's not fast enough to create afterimages or anything, but he's still way faster than he would need to be to get a leg up on his opponents.

    -Burning people's clothes off is something that Kurusu enjoys way too much, just to see how they will react.

    -Kurusu loves hugging people, not because he likes to actually hug them, just because he likes to secretly grope them while he 'hugs' them.

    -Kurusu loves playing with fire, be it his own fire, or someone else's fire. It appeals to the dangerous side of his personality.

    -Idiots: Kurusu absolutely hates it when people don't know things that he considers trivial.

    -Pluto: Kurusu dislikes Pluto, as he believes that it never had the right to be considered a planet.

    -Spiders: Kurusu thinks spiders are weird. While he knows that they are arachnids, he just considers them weird insects.

    -Justice: Kurusu will do almost anything for justice, he'll go as far as to break a leg or rip and arm off. The only thing he refuses to do is kill.

    -Friends: Kurusu loves his friends, but not in a weird way, and will do almost anything for them.

    -His Sister: Kurusu keeps going to help his twin sister, Olo.

    -Not knowing: Kurusu loves knowing things, and he fears that there might be something he doesn't know.

    -Hurting friends: Kurusu is terrified of hurting his friends, and hopes that nothing bad ever happens to them.

    -Chalk: Kurusu hates chalk, he's not sure why, he just hates it and is absolutely terrified of it.

    Eyes: Orange
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 90 lbs
    Complexion: Pale
    Xia Chikai
    Xia Chikai

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    Kurusu Ruby [DONE] Empty Re: Kurusu Ruby [DONE]

    Post by Xia Chikai on Sun May 21, 2017 8:53 pm


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