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Unknown Lands

Welcome to the world of Unknown Lands Roleplay Forum!

If you have questions you can create an account and post on our questions section or join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/jupj2Zh) If you have any questions on lore and our systems, please don't hesitate to ask us.

The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

We can't wait to meet you!

Unknown Lands

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    Shini's History Empty Shini's History

    Post by Shini Chikai Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:12 pm

    ~ The Story of Team Six ~
    (In the Perspective of Shini Chikai)

    Shini Chikai was born in the village of Konoha in the Land of Fire. She was a decedent of the Chikai clan, esteemed hunters of ninja. The family gave themselves the name only 6 years before Shini's birth. They were known to assume identities and infiltrate all the villages. They were the elite Anbu Black Ops Assassins that no one heard about. She was born into this life fully knowing that she would be grown into it. Since her brith the only members of her family that she knew were her parents and her uncle, all of which were killed shortly before her 4th birthday.

    Shini wandered the streets of her village looking for a home. The village looked at her differently than any kid. Rather than resorting to theft and crime for her survival, she worked for it. Something that the village took pride in. At the age of 5 the Kurada Clan adopted her as their own. Shini was taught many of the clan's hiden jitsus. The clan was known for enchanting objects and sealing their own Chakra in them. This allowed the shinobi to recover Chakra at astounding rates, due to accessing the sealed chakra in their clothing and items.

    A few years later an odd group moved into the small house nearby. Oddly enough, they seemed to be deeply rooted into the village for years, as the older of the two had an Anbu tattoo on his right arm. The smaller of the two was an interesting boy who seemed to have gone through a rough day. He was covered in blood, and he wore a long tattered jacket. This was the day she met the Karakaro brothers, Dregon and Kabuto. They seemed to be residents for years, yet their clan held no history or roots. They were just faces with names and power. This was the beginning of Shini's great adventure.

    Shini's curiosity got the best of her, and in no time, Kabuto found her at her door. "Who are you and why do all of these people know you?" she asked the boy. His face was young and timeless, almost as if he was the purest soul in existence. He said in the most quiet voice, that of someone innocent and unknown, "My brother is the greatest Anbu in our village. He's the Black Dragon." Her face fell cold with shock. How could she have forgotten the stories of the great Black Dragon of Konahagakure? "I thought those were just stories." Shini replied. She remembered the wars of Hokage Minato Uzumaki and his great unknown ally. He was just a kid... a kid who's past has remained uncovered for his entire life. "Everyone is just a story. Our lives are chapters in the book of Konoha." and from that point on, Shini and Kabuto became close friends.

    Years passed and the three of them shared a bond stronger than anything in the world. They entered the Ninja Academy together when Shini found out Kabuto's real problem, "Kabuto, what do you mean your Chakra is sealed?" she asked. Kusatta solved the problem with just a minor enchantment on his clothing. "Kabuto-kun... I... I hope this will help..." It was a temporary fix to a permanent problem. Kabuto thanked her for the seal. It allowed him to use the stored chakra as his own, something at allowed him to fix his Chakra, even though it was just a minor action.

    The following day his brother, Dregon, appeared before the trio with a scroll. "This is a jutsu used by puppet masters. If you all can learn this, you will learn chakra control better than the rest." he said to the children. He handed the scroll to Shini with a few words just to her, "I trust that you will teach my brother. This is the first step to unlocking his... chakra." Shini took this duty to heart. She would be the teacher. She would teach Kabuto how to preform jutsu.

    Shini's History 18888410

    The trio stayed together closer than even siblings. Shini was disowned by her family at times by her behaviors, Kusatta was often running away from home because she was a failure at learning many of her family's hiden jutsu. Kabuto? His brother was often away from home, being sent away on missions constantly. Shini found him collected scraps off the ground at night when everyone was asleep in the village. "Kabuto, what are you doing?" she asked him more times than not. He would always reply the same thing, often worded differently, "I must be one with the world. I must learn to fend on my own. Alone." Shini found it disheartening to find her friend in a state like this. She took this time to teach Kabuto Chakra Strings, a jutsu that even she couldn't learn.

    A year passed, and the three found themselves in the ninja academy. It was a whole new adventure. And with that, the three mixed their own family's jutsu to create something unique, something that was pioneered. Mimicry jutsu.

    The three were enrolled into the academy almost as the unknown trio. It was two rejects of some of the best supportive ninja clans, one not even being a Leaf-Native, and a kid who didn't even have a clan. They were soon rounded together in a single team. Team Aoi, after their sensei, Master Aoi Rokushō. He was an odd man, having green hair that Shini poked fun at every day. She called him "Sensei Cabbagehead", something he didn't take too lightly.

    Shini's History Latest10

    Their master always seemed to teach them in a haste. He rushed every lesson, bombarding the three with handsigns, without enough time to actually teach them anything. They took extra time to learn from each other, as each of them focused on a different style of jutsu. As children they put their all into it. At one point, Shini even suggested to sneak into his home to find more scrolls to learn. "He's hiding something from us." Shini would tell her friends. Kusatta replied with, "S-Sensei Aoi would never lie to us!" Shini's rage bottled up each day he threw another scroll at them, telling them the basics of it, and disappearing during their lesson. It wasn't until one day Kabuto silenced her rage with three words, "I'll do it." Shini sat silently, dumbfounded by her friend's choice. Kusatta did nothing but encourage him, saying,"Kabuto-kun is so brave!"

    He disappeared for the day, only to appear behind the ramen shop where his friends waited, their usual meeting place. He revealed their sensei's notebook, In it a sketch of a weapon, it seemed to cast fire. ""The Sword of the Thunder God." he said to the girls, "He's a traitor. He left the village tonight, after trying to steal this weapon." And so their bonds strengthened. They lost the only mentor they could get. They practiced day and night, being one of the only teams that had no sensei. They practiced every single chance they got. And soon, they found out their true powers. Kabuto began to make clones out of water, he discovered this after falling into a lake after Shini tripped him. Kusatta found she could move stone, only after punching the ground in frustration. Shini found she could breathe fire, just like the Uchiha. They found they had all of these skills, they they pushed even further. Kabuto began to minic his friends, copying them. His cloak acted as a puppet, and with his unique signature, a patch that resembled the Rinnegan, he was able to create a false Dojutsu. And his friends quickly caught on.

    Shini's History Moji
    A month passed, and the three found themselves in the Chunin exams. They were surprised to be the only team from the leaf that had no sensei. "Team Kabuto!" Kusatta exclaimed as they walked through the doors of the academy. They found themselves in a multiple part exam, first resulting in a paper test. The three communicated during the exam with a mimicry jutsu of the Mind-Body-Switch, sending messages to each other in thought, making no sounds at all. Of course, the exam was meant to be impossible, it was to test the ninja's skills on extracting information. And of course... they only talked to each other, using none of each other's knowledge. The three had divided and conquered up to this point, and the test was no different. Kusatta knew what, Shini knew why, Kabuto knew how. That was how they passed the first part.

    However, the second part, they knew of and what it entailed due to Kabuto's older brother. They dawned their custom attire, something to hide their common identity from the rest of the students. If they were going to get singled out, it would be because of skill during the exam, and not because of something prior. But they would listen to the teacher, and the specifics of the exam.

    They learned about the rules of the two scrolls. There was a Heaven and an Earth scroll. In order to proceed to the next part, they would have to collect both scrolls. That wasn't the only rule. If their team could not make it to the center tower they would be disqualified. There was many teams, and many ninja would die this day. Kabuto told both Shini and Kusatta to sign the papers acknowledging that they may kill, as well as be killed. The team talked over strategy as well as examined other teams. It was the will of the ninja, and was needed for the next era. They were all trained killers, and were going to have to do what it took to pass the exam. This was the first physical test of Team Kabuto.

    Team Kabuto was sitting together in the open. They were patiently waiting to receive their scrolls. They were all eager to start right away, but at the same time scared. They waited patiently, while removing excess clothing. This was to keep them light and quick, as well as not having things that could reveal their position like bright colors. The team received the Heaven scroll. Kabuto looked at it as he was handed the scroll. He remembered the story his brother told him:“When I was in the academy we had one of the largest classes. I remember who got each scroll. One of my teammates had a jutsu to reveal the scrolls of every ninja there. Now that I look back it seems like more of a coincidence. Every team that suffered a death had the Heaven Scroll, everyone that had a difficult path had the Earth Scroll. It was weird how things worked out. My team sucked at navigating. We had the Earth Scroll of course."

    The trio took their things as they stood at their own entry gate. Kabuto looked beyond the trees, looking for places to duck into. As soon as the gates opened they dashed in. And almost immediately they were ambushed by Hidden Cloud ninja. It was then that Kabuto used his first jutsu.

    "Kaseki dome!" he exclaimed. His body, disappeared into the ground. It was in a flash, as if he dashed towards the earth. But then, a dome would appear in the ground, all the ninja charged at it, knowing who was inside. The dome itself seemed to be made of mud and rocks. It was then a muffle voice was heard...

    "Kaseki's Break!" he yelled, the mound of dirt making spikes in a mere instant, impaling each ninja with no hesitation. The dome would then expand and explode, shooting the bodies away. This was his hidden powers and knowledge, yet it was not him that casted the jutsu, but the cloak he wore. That was his real secret, for he had no affinity for Earth. All of his chakra was channeled through this cloth he wore. It was the only of it's kind, the first of its kind. His cloak, was a cloth puppet.

    The rest of the exam remains a blur and a distant memory. Shini could not recall ever making it to the tower. All she remembered was two masked ninja who teamed with them when their third member died. And the kunai that hit her in her side, scarring her permanently. Team Six made it to the tower rather quickly, bringing several copies of each scroll, yet they were denied entry when one of their teammates died upon arrival. It was then that Team Six were immortalized. The only team to pass and fail the Chunin Exams at the exact same moment.

    The following year remained a blur in Shini's mind. She didn't know where she was, nor what happened. All she knew was that she was breathing, alive, and in a room she never saw before. She would look down at her own body only to find herself bandaged and wrapped up. She didn't remember a fight, nor any surgery, but it seemed to have unraveled while she was out of it.

    Later she came to find she was in the heart of the darkest shadow of Konoha. She was in a room of the Leaf Village's ROOT. They would train her to hone her skills. She had forgotten who she was, why she was, and where she came from. Her family was a blur and seemed to be non existent. Then she found her mission.

    She was trained to follow a very specific chakra signature. It was one of a mysterious elemental affinity aligned to Water Release as well as an unknown Kekkei Genkai. But the more she was told about it, the less she knew. She could never fully recall what happened after her briefing, but the next events were ingrained in her mind forever. She had sensed the chakra after all of her dedicated training... only to find something to remind her of everything she forgotten.

    "I knew they would send someone to kill me, but I never thought it would be you." he spoke, a single knife in hand. "You have no idea what mess they put you into. I can only ask you watch over him." Dregon smiled as he turned around to face Shini. As he knelled over the ground, he plunged his weapon into his own gut, as well as a jutsu to wipe his entire mind to prevent anything from being obtained. His body would fall in a matter of moments, only for Shini to watch, stunned. "I... I..." her mind would be filled with her memories, her eyes with tears and she would fall to her knees.

    But then she sensed the same exact chakra around her, only to find it was not from the man known as the Black Dragon. "Shini. . . " he would say. He'd run up to the frail body, only to muster up swollen words and silent cries for help. Shini sat there, helpless. She watched her old friend try to being him back to life, only to exhaust his own supply of chakra.

    "Kabuto." Shini begun to speak, sobbing as she did so, "Run... Run as far as you can... Never come back. These people want you dead. They wanted me to kill you!" that was all she could say. And that was the last she ever saw of him...

    At least, until a large crystal fell from the sky with a girl inside. But that... is a story for another time.


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