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    Skylar Agnar [DONE]

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    Skylar Agnar [DONE] Empty Skylar Agnar [DONE]

    Post by Skylar on Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:33 pm

    Name: Skylar Agnar
    Nickname: Sky.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Human (Shapeshifter).
    Age: 24.
    Birthday: 16th of August.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Unique Characteristics:
    On her left side of her, she generally has her hair tucked behind her ear. Here, she has earrings which are much more extravagant and eye-catching, having a large fan-like arrangement of feathers that seem to appear behind her ear, with the ear itself having several black studs compared to her right side. That has three downward hanging feathers, with a black stud, on her right ear, one feather of each of the colours in her outfit. She will never go anywhere without her feathery appearance of her clothing.

    Her outfit kinda thing:
    Skylar Agnar [DONE] Image_by_lexiaverdant-dbhu5az


    Skylar carries around her an air of assertiveness, knowing what she's doing and never faltering. However, this can be rather daunting to those who don't really know her too well, seeing her attitude of having an answer for everything being a bit too up front. Skylar in renowned for her energy in conversation and her loyalty that almost always ends in interesting situations. After all, this is the girl that smacked her father in the face when she was told to if he ever spoke badly of her mother. And all he said was that her mother was being just a bit rude. But the point is, it doesn't matter who it is, if she's been tasked to ensure something happens and it happens without failure, she will follow that order and do the absolute best that she can in completing that.

    Skylar loves a bit of casual banter, and doesn't mind displaying affections that she has for people- but this can generally be mistaken for her hitting on people. It's not that she is, she'd crumple up and fall to pieces if she tried to actively engage in that activity as they would probably see her seriousness as a threat to their existence.

    Sky's got a feisty temper when she's hungry, doesn't really apologise or try to make it up to people if she's done the wrong thing. Sure, she'll explain why she did things and try and see if they understand where she's coming from, but she doesn't feel as if she has to bend over backwards to make sure that they're alright.  

    Something else to note about her is that she can be rather frustrated if people consider her to be a burden or incapable just because of her gender, general appearance and what she can transform into. Any hints with people scoffing or questioning her because of any of these will ultimately end up with her attempting to assert her own dominance. However, that being said, she will do it in a way that seems to be wise, however, it's probably going to be something witty which is laced with her own sense of pure sarcasm.

    So, all in all, Skylar's rather strong willed, quick thinking, comes across as wise and knowledgeable, someone who never falters and she always seems to know what she's doing. She's a bit of a brash character who gets incredibly feisty the hungrier she is and more short tempered, reacting quicker to the most obnoxious things compared to normal.

    -Being a bit of a trickster

    -Cooking (she always burns or under-cooks her food...)
    -Being bored
    -Being unproductive

    -Food. She loves food to such an extent people would be worried about it.
    -Almost anything to staving off her own boredom.
    -Proving that she’s not just some useless person and is actually a girl willing to get things done.

    -Deathly afraid of starvation.
    -She hates people who just lay about all day and do absolutely nothing.
    -Feeling intense and weird pain.

    Eyes: Surprisingly, jet black.
    Hair: Blonde.
    Height: She’s 5’4, a bit on the shorter side.
    Weight: 53kg or 117~ pounds.
    Complexion: Pale/white.

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    Skylar Agnar [DONE] Empty Re: Skylar Agnar [DONE]

    Post by Fetus on Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:04 pm

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