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The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

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Unknown Lands

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    Zack Coyote
    Zack Coyote

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    Post by Zack Coyote on Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:45 pm

    Assassin A - Hunt for IC info and poke at weakness IC.
    Assassin B - Find environment that is targets weakness and maximize every hit. Every every disadvantage for them.
    Fisherman - Bait them.
    Brawler - Get in close a make it count
    Savage - Go for blood. Death if you feel like it. Break their bones, then kill them.
    Shooter/Ranger - Keep them away, whittle them down.

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