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The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

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Unknown Lands

Welcome to the world of Unknown Lands Roleplay Forum!

If you have questions you can create an account and post on our questions section or join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/jupj2Zh) If you have any questions on lore and our systems, please don't hesitate to ask us.

The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

We can't wait to meet you!

Unknown Lands

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    The Storyline


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    The Storyline Empty The Storyline

    Post by Kaseki Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:00 am

    How It All Began:

    The story begins in a distant world called "Fiore." The legend says that a samurai and his spirit guide came across a girl that fell from the sky. The girl was encased in crystal and appeared to be lifeless. The warrior and his spirit saved the girl. They nursed her back to health.

    In a few days, the girl was back to being human (or that's how the spirit described her...). She held a face full of sorrow as she looked upon her rescuers. She asked a single question:

    "If you could have one wish, what would it be?"

    The samurai smiled as the spirit spoke for him.

    "A world... a new world, full of hope and opportunity."

    And so the wish was granted.

    The girl was known as one of the Sacred Starfalls. The Starfalls possessed a single power, the power to grant one wish. This power, however, came with a single cost... the cost of their life.

    So seven starfalls came down from the sky, crashing down in random places around the world. The Samurai's wish changed the realm of the Demon of Life, Pandora, and stole the parts of other worlds.

    And this is how the Unknown Lands Began.
    The Story So Far:
    Click Here For The Basic Story!
    It was just another normal day in Pandora. Kaseki had created a realm of lost souls, in something known as the "Plane of Oblivion." He had received permission from the gods, as well as the demons, and even his father to upkeep this world. These souls were bound to his realm, and could only ascend to heaven, or descend to hell at Kaseki's will.

    Just under a million years since Kaseki left Fiore, a mysterious event happened in his realm. He started to see little kingdoms appear all over his world. Curious and furious, the son of Death went to investigate. Kaseki was wandering in the Mist of Lost Souls when he found the Kingdom of Kanto, or rather Lavender Town. It was in a small gathering, and an exchange of words that he met Fouth Horseman again.

    Kaseki left Kanto full of rage and excitement. He figured, with one kingdom appeared, why not more? He walked away with a small dot over the horizon. He laughed as he ran to see the new city. It was nothing more than a few miles away, but it wasn't a city, but a forest. He walked past faeries, fairies, and other assorted creatures. It was there that he met a girl named Ruby Snow, the first of his great army. He talked with her over the great land called Pandora, and in that meeting of the Master and Ms.Snow, he saw the city he was looking for. It was Fiore, and with it, the new master, Yuna. Kaseki figured that these kingdoms were from his past, and rushed to find the next city. Before leaving he handed the girl a note, telling her to go to Urban City to find his son, Aknaid, the Demon of Time. And with those last words, he ran off. Kaseki had no idea of what Fiore had become, and much less The wish that his daughter had made.

    So Kaseki ran off into the forests in search of a new city. He found nothing than a wide barren path. He walked it, admiring the beauty of his own land, Pandora. He smiled as he walked along the path, but he saw a line of smoke. He grew curious as to the next place he could find... and that's when he knew. It was the village that abandoned him, it was Konahagaure. But oddly enough, he found it after some great war. Only after meeting an old friend and teammate, Shini Chikai, did Kaseki understand the circumstances of his new world. These kingdoms could bring a destruction to Pandora, an he wasn't going to let that happen.


    Yuna and Ruby were on their way to Urban City to meet Kaseki's son, Aknaid. Upon finding this odd and disfigured creature, Yuna found a deep and odd secret about herself and her true family. Not only that, she found her army to protect her city, the Legion of Neutrals. Pandora was forever changed by the Starfalls, with grandpa after grandpa... But that's not everything that happened...

    In a city called Toonville, there was a another gathering of sorts. There was a little being, an elf. He came from royalty and he loved his bloodline. However, he had found that his mother died from an odd event... making a wish. It turned out, his father found his mother... his mother was a Starfall. This enraged him to find that they both had wished for Zeon to be brought back to life. To find his mother dead, he blamed his father and killed him for it. This was how he inherited Toonville. However, the elf made a friend, referred to as "Nameless". Nameless is a parasite that takes over the dead as its' own body. These two would serve as the beginning of a new era... they would be the start of the evil.

    In the Kingdom of Kai, there was an individual who encountered a star fall of his own. His name was Alucard and he made a single wish, eternal darkness. The sky fell black forever, and stars filled the sky. This was the start of the endless night that covered the Kingdom of Kai. That single man made one thing after his wish, he made an alter to honor his angel. And so, the first Starfall Shrine was made. While this all unfolded, far from them all, on an island that rested on Pandora for years, the daughter of Kaseki met with a few pirates. As these people conversed about whatnot there was two starfalls left unaccounted for. Who knows where she could be... if she remained.

    But then it happened.

    A shooting star, a large white light. It dashed across the sky, flying over each and every kingdom until it landed... right in the middle of the largest forest in Pandora, Taalos Trees. The Club was owned by someone by the name of "Dj Skullface", a popular music artist, and son of the late Fourth Horseman. Kaseki wandered to the place, only to find his brother there as well. He was guided into a back room where Skullface and Dregon explained the powers of the starfalls. It was then Kaseki saw the last two starfalls, under the arms of that guy. It was then Dregon gave his life to make the first move, sacrificing himself for the sake of Pandora, his power was sealed into the first Keyblade. Marking the beginning of a new Era. When Kaseki exited this back room he encountered a few individuals that seemed to be... of use. He uses his new tool to silence the music and vanquish the club, sending it back to its home location. It was then that his chose the next names to be inscribed into the history of his realm. He chose the people with the most potential. He took Maria Zaroff, his daughter. He choose Venser of Yamigakure. He picked Lilinette Q. Mido of The Agency. Lastly deciding upon Lee Yao, the son of the devil. He chose these people to protect the powers of the next starfalls, as well as the next keyblades. He would keep a close eye on his chosen four. They would shape the era.

    When You Wish Upon A Star:
    [Starfall Arc]

    It was as if Pandora suffered from shooting stars every night. The Kingdom of Kai saw them almost every hour, on the hour. No one seemed to pay them any mind, to them it had become expected, and was no longer of any interest... until the first one fell. She was formerly a princess, her name known to all. But now she suffered the fate of another Starfall. Just as another fell from the sky, the eldest sister fell as well. Natsumé was the oldest of all of the Starfalls, cursed to her life from stealing from a temple. It was by her power that she was the one who granted Fourth Horseman's wish for a great virus that exterminated most of the human race in the Kingdom of Kanto. With the deepest regret she granted the cursed man's wish, tarnishig her name, and prolonging her status as a Starfall. But this time, would she face the same fate?

    Strangely enough, when a Starfall stumbles upon bad fortune to where they must grant a number of wishes to just break even, a single good wish is enough to set them free. It was after some event that the tarnished angel was granted her freedom once more. She was now a human, to wish she felt as if she was in debt to this man. And she would protect him until there was no more.

    Iron Fist Tournament:
    [Tournament Arc]

    The Iron Fist Tournament is an annual event in the Kingdom of Kai. The great tradition of the The Iron Fist Tournament is that the champion always hosts the next event. They are usually sponsored by big business with donations to ensure that the annual celebration continues.

    The last tournament was controversial and confusing to most. It was regarded as one of the most grand competitions in the history of the event, only to have a very odd ending to the tale.

    The Champion was a warrior from out of this world, he had not lost a single battle. When faced with others he would often drop his weapons to fight his armed opponents with nothing but he brute strength. No one matched his power... besides one fighter. It was said that he was an outlander, lost in time, and had a power that no others could compare to. It was the battle between the two of them that everyone anticipated. However in the final match, the previous champion vanished, leaving everyone in confusion.

    Years passed and the Iron Fist Tournament remained all but a memory. Soon the celebration would begin again, starting the cycle of battles over again. The runner-up from the last tournament hosted it, and his name was Yoshimitsu Manji.

    During Yoshimitsu's second match, he met an ill fate. A warrior once driven only to find his lost son finally found him, only to face him in battle. In this bout between son and father, a new truth was uncovered. Not only did Yoshimitsu find his son to be the boy known as Yoshigé Mizuzoku but also the Demon of Life himself, Kaseki. Kaseki and his younger self met with their father for a brief moment before interrupted by Agol. The tale of Yoshimitsu ended as it always did, with the famed Dual technique. The former champion's soul was absorbed by the cursed blade of Yoshimitsu, and given to the young boy. Kaseki later stepped back from the event, as Yoshigé later dropped out of the tournament.

    Attack on Pandora:
    [Titan Arc]
    It seemed as if everything was well. Seemed. Of course, nothing ever ran smoothly in the realm of Pandora. Kaseki had gone home to ponder his own existence. He had met his father for the first and last time and just as he appeared in his life, he was removed. He wanted nothing more than for all mortals to life their lives to the fullest at a chance for redemption. But just as he had his moment of peace it was disturbed by the other gods of death. Hades, former ruler of Pandora. Anubis, the god of burial. Yama, the goddess of the afterlife. All of them met within Kaseki's Castle. It was not known why they had all decided to show up at the same time, but the event itself caused a great catastrophe. The gathering of gods, both half and of mimicry, had caused a disruption in time, and Hades was foolish enough to explore and push it past its limit.

    Hades had opened a portal to other timelines and worlds. He was a twat for doing so, and immediately tried to gather people in the realm together to fix his mistake. The Bijuu of Ninja Town were freed and driven mad, while other massive creatures ran free terrorizing the realm. Hades needed to save the bijuu and slay the other beasts. Both Anubis and Yama knew of his mistake and both Anubis gathered his eyes, and Yama gathered her young.

    Soon after, the Konoha from another world was under attack by a beast known as Sen Kuul Than, thought to be a bijuu from another timeline.

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