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    [Event] Treasure Island


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    [Event] Treasure Island Empty [Event] Treasure Island

    Post by Admin on Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:05 pm

    Quest Giver:
    [Event] Treasure Island O6b8raName : Guardian Kaseki
    Alignment: N/A
    Bio: The guardian of the realm, the fate of everyone's lives rests in his hands. With the power of the entire world at his disposal, it's a wonder why he doesn't do more, or rather, why he has chosen to make Pandora  the way he did. He's regarded as a god by some, but he was born a mortal. Why would he ever ask any one of us for help?

    Job Title: Treasure Island
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 200 Words
    Job Location: Forgotten Isles > [Anywhere]
    Job Description: Kaseki has listed a job to be posted at every bulletin board around the realm. Each one calls for a search of a lost and forgotten island. Below is what is read:


    In the ocean and the sea are a cluster of islands and pieces of land. When Pandora was first founded. It is said that a island full of treasure can be found, and houses unlimited riches. There is a vault on this forgotten island, but only I have the key to open it. I need someone to find this island to find this place. The gold is yours.

    REQUESTER : Kaseki Steve"


    Reward: User will receive 50,000 Coins as a base reward. For every post, (a max of 10 per thread, including all participants) will receive an additional 50,000 Coins per post.

    Users do not need to request to take this mission. This mission does not take up a slot. This mission is repeatable. Users will only be paid per their own post. (If 3 people are in the thread, bonus rewards only count after the 3rd post.)

    If there are 2 or more users in the thread, the base reward is doubled.

    This mission will be locked and closed at an undetermined time after the end of Kasekimas. Good Luck![/quote]

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    [Event] Treasure Island Empty Re: [Event] Treasure Island

    Post by Kodai on Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:19 am

    Users will have until the end of Feb to complete their threads.

    Threads created after Feb 1st, will not be counted.

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