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The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

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Unknown Lands

Welcome to the world of Unknown Lands Roleplay Forum!

If you have questions you can create an account and post on our questions section or join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/jupj2Zh) If you have any questions on lore and our systems, please don't hesitate to ask us.

The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

We can't wait to meet you!

Unknown Lands

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    Bea T. Black [Done]

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    Post by PhoenixRises101 Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:40 am

    Bea T. Blakc:

    Name Bea T. Blakc [Self-Claimed]
    Nickname N/A
    Gender Female
    Race Human [Infused w/the Phoenix]
    Age “Twenty-Two”; Actual Age Unknown.
    Birthday Nov. 5th
    Sexuality Straight
    1. Red Eyes: Due to the unique circumstances that surround her, Bea’s eyes glow red when under duress or when she is deep in thought. This can also happen when she is talking through her link with the Phoenix as well as when she is observing something carefully. Yet, unlike most assumptions, the eyes do not light up, but, rather, has a dark red tint that engulfs her eyes completely. This does not provide her any ability but is simply used for cosmetics.
    2. Barcode: If one were to catch a glimpse at the area of skin just at the back of her neck, they would see a small barcode inscribed upon her bare skin. Not only that, but also barely visible scars that surround it. No one knows where this originates as this is something she doesn’t speak of nor does she allow herself to so easily let it be seen. If anything, she simply hides it with makeup if there is a danger of having it seen.

    To describe the persona that makes up Beatrice d’Blakc would be to answer the question as to what makes up her true essence. Is it her love of taking risks or is the passion she holds for her robotics? Perhaps the obsession with fire or the sweet taste of victory that she oh-so-often thirsts for? Needless to say that Beatrice is an enigma without one true, definite answer. She is a warrior as much as she is a caretaker; A revolutionist as much as she is a conquerer. As such, it is hard to pinpoint as to what exactly makes up her persona unless one were to look deep into her buried past. Regardless, one can truly say, though, that Beatrice is a woman of vigor and, at times, dominance. She is a person who, regardless of the task, will strive to be the first to complete it. Beatrice is always looking towards the horizon -never one to accept setbacks or even complications to her goals. Furthermore, she is not one to take defeat as something that she can simply toss aside. No, she uses her defeat to grow and overcome it so that soon, she will strive for perfection and task completion. That said, Beatrice is a competitive woman with not only others, but also to herself. Yet, such strength in will cannot be describe as simply having it, but something that must be learned as to why from her past.

    As someone who grew up in a dystopian world, a land where only the rich lived in grandeur while the rest suffered horribly under their rule, it has been instilled upon the Phoenix warrior, since a young age, a strong set of morals and revolutionary ideals that encompass a wouldbe soldier. Mostly due to the fact that her parents were one and died as one -fighting for a cause that they believed in. True to their legacy, she, too, took upon herself their mantel to frame who she would be today -a revolutionary. Yet, regardless of the ideals she holds, within those ideals comes a strong set of codes that she abides by -regardless of the issue at hand. She is a woman of honor, and, at times, quite the heartless one. For, regardless of their explanations or begs of mercy, she becomes the executioner. Not for their reasons, mind you, but by the judgement of their actions. After all, whatever the actions may be, there is always a consequence that follows eventually.  As such, she is quite the fighter amidst battle although she will always prefer the tactician’s position if possible. She is also someone who likes to play dirty if need be in order to survive. After all, as the saying goes, “All’s fair in love and war.”

    It is, therefore, not hard to fathom that Beatrice views the world as one big escape. A strange way of looking at something, but true nonetheless. After all, being infused with the prime Phoenix itself has caused quite a differentiating view on her -something that, too, has been buried deep within her past. Yet, not only does it bring good into her life, but it also carries upon herself like a curse. From the essence of rebirth to the link she has it It, it is extremely hard for her not to lose herself into the void that It creates. The Phoenix not only created an infusion with her, but also linked itself so that it would eventually conquer and consume her. Yet, despite the hardships, Beatrice has proved herself strong against its influences, although tiny breakages do happen. It is not uncommonly, though, as the Phoenix’s power grows each time she revives thus causing her to lose a bit of herself in the process. Still, she is not one to view herself defenseless nor, in a similar case, is she one to ask so easily for help. Beatrice has a pride that truly is hard to break or even put down, due to her past life and ever present view on the current world she inhabits. As such, she is quite forceful and, at times, domineering if looked upon as helpless.

    Yet, not everything about her equates to her love of danger and thirst for competition. In fact, she can be quite the docile one when things are in the right atmosphere. Without a doubt, Beatrice is a seeker of knowledge and can be often found submerged in books. Oftentimes, she can be in her own little world, drowning in books, and nothing would make her snap out of it save for a few things. Her love of tinkering with mechanics has although brought a passion towards it -earning herself a Ph.D degree at a young age as well. Beatrice also enjoys mixing both robotic and life forms into one, resulting into many different strange and interesting things. She is incredibly smart as she is talented, taking the time her sketch future designs for her works. Furthermore, Beatrice has a secret love for small animals although she will always deny it if ever caught cooing at one -her favorite one being a small little hamster. The young warrior also enjoys to relax (although she, too, will deny any such things) by heading to the pool, preferably ocean, to cool off. This is the time she spends exploring as well as spending it with her family -ironic as per someone who dislikes restraints. Still, though, she enjoys spending her time with them and finds it the most rewarding part of her day.

    1. Fire: Bea has an unhealthy relationship with fire and gasoline. This has been something that she has obsessed with since her youth and has played around with since as long as she can remember. Needless to say, it is something she has come to be an expert on and is very hands on with anything flammable as well as it's mechanics.  Some may call her an arsonist, but she simply views it as displaying her artistic skills to the world.
    2. Adrenaline: Similar to her attitude towards fire, this young warrior has a constant need for danger and the adrenaline rush to keep her occupied and feeling, to a degree, free. As such, Bea is in constant search to outdo herself regardless of the risks it may come with. She isn't afraid to put her life at risk and can be quite the daredevil. Yet, she will always do so with a sharp and intelligent mind. It may be that she doesn’t fear Death, but that doesn’t mean she’ll go looking for him.
    3. Robotics/Bioengineering: Needless to say, Bea is an expert in the Robotics and Bioengineering field and, as such, spends her time tampering with gadgets here and there. This love for it was further sparked upon the obtainment of her Doctorate’s over the years. Her constant search to perfect the machinery she creates also paves way for her competitive nature. Regardless, spending time crafting out her inventions puts her in a relaxing mood and can even zone out for days working on a project if she's not careful.

    1. Sexism: For Bea, her skills and work is very important to her and, as such, holds quite a bit of pride in them. So, when sexism comes into play, Beatrice is not at all happy about people trying to drag her down. With a sarcastic smile and an dark glimmer upon her eye, she will make certain that she not only prove herself better, but that they never forget it as well.
    2. Unprofessionalism: If there is one thing the young warrior hates is the act of unprofessionalism. There is nothing besides a rare few that make it so high up in her pet peeves list than this. As a soldier, and growing up in a horrible environment, carelessness and being unprepared for the worst as a death sentence. Therefore, when she works with a team, they either have what it takes or she doesn’t consider them at all.
    3. Maria Zaroff: Much like the rest of the family, there has been some strong tension going on between the Huntress and the Soldier. It is clear to note, though, that Bea does not dislike Maria Zaroff, mind you. In fact, she loathes her. For many, many years, there has been a great dislike and hate between the two. No one, but them know the reason why and, if ever they are in the same room, much willpower is needed for them to stop themselves from going in for the kill.

    1. Family: Although she will never admit to it, Beatrice’s primary motivation is and will be her family. Not only her parents, but the wish to preserve her own as well. For, throughout the many trials brought forth in her life (and the weirdness of it all), this is what kept her going strong and given her a strong reason as to why she does what she does.
    2. Jerusalem: Many things happened in her home base which resulted in a high-scaled revolutionary war. It was a war that would later claim her parents and spark a fire within the young girl while she was growing up. Due to these circumstances, her motivation comes from her will to go back and free her country from the atrocities they face from their rulers.  
    3. Herself: Beatrice’s want for perfection is a strong motivational factor for her. Her constant struggle to outdo herself and become better is one of the reasons why she is so able to achieve it. That, and her protective nature that originates from her familial ties.

    1. The Phoenix: Her lack of fear towards Death originates from the fact that she was infused with the [boss] Phoenix, resulting into her bearing the qualities of it. Yet, despite all of that, there is a constant internal struggle between she and it. Beatrice has been able to hold the Phoenix back from consuming her soul, but, she fears, that over time, it will one day end her.
    2. The System: Not only does the young warrior hate the System and what it stands for, but she also fears one day becoming it. It is not the kind of fear that prohibits her from fighting against it, though. But it is one that looms over her when her allies and friends are consumed and taken by It.
    3. Helplessness/Loss: The young soldier doesn't fear all loss, mind you, but she does fear the loss of her loved ones. Moreso, losing them when she was completely helpless. Helplessness does tend to get on her hate scale of things she dislikes, but it is also something she fears having as it holds her back and leaves her feeling completely and utterly useless.

    Hair Beatrice's hair color is that of a dark, bear hug type of brown. This means that unless she tells you it's brown, one would simply assume it to be black due to it's darker color. She does have some highlights and, depending on the lighting, her hair color may shift to match it. Her hair flows down to just below her waist due to her dislike of having short hair. It also has a beautiful sheen to it that shimmers in the sun.
    Eyes The young soldier's eyes are the color of a deep redwood brown. Besides the eye tattoo mentioned above, nothing really stands out from her eyes on a normal day. Again, if under duress or in deep concentration, it would most likely glaze over in the reddish tint.
    Height 5ft. 6in.
    Weight 120 lbs.
    Skin Tone Bea’s skin is a pale, flawless cream colored tone. Again, nothing really special added to it besides the paleness it can be when she's incredibly exhausted.
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