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    Element Update Completed


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    Element Update Completed Empty Element Update Completed

    Post by Kodai on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:13 am

    @Admin wrote:Main Passives: All elements provide the user access to new skills and abilities. All Primary elements provide the user one free ability that does not take up a slot. This ability does not count towards your total, but still must be placed on your app. However some elements have abilities limited only to them. They do take up a slot, and also must be on your app.

    Element: Fire
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-fire-icon
    Description: The user controls a Fire, Heat or Plasma based magic.
    Name: LET IT BURN!
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: Immunity to burn effect
    Name: Arsonist
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: All fire spells have the innate Burn effect. Spell may not be mixed with any other element.
    Burn Effect: Target's inflicted wound deals an additional 50% the following post after the landed hit.
    Slot: Limited (Secondary)
    Ability: Spells have a chance to activate a burn effect.
    Lesser Burn Effect Caster rolls x1 normal dice per each spell cast. Each "5" will result in an additional 50% damage done in the following post to the target.

    Element: Earth
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-earth-icon
    Description: Control an Earth, Sand, or Rock based magic
    Name: Terraforming
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: All earth spells are x2 the standard spell size.
    Name:Hardened Mud
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability:Defensive spells have double the durability to last from spells.
    Name: Dirt and Glass
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: Defensive spells can take an additional 50% of damage done by weapons before breaking

    Element: Water
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-water-icon
    Description: Control a Water, or Mist based magic
    Name: The Water Within
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: User can breath underwater at no cost.
    Name: Bloodthirst
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: The user is able to sense any bleeding or wounded target.
    Range is equal to the user's level, in meters. This does not pinpoint where they are, however if their target is in water, this will pinpoint.
    Name: Makeshift Gills
    Slot: Limited (Secondary)
    Ability: At the cost of 15MP a post, the caster is able to breathe underwater. This cost cannot be reduced by any means.

    Element: Wind
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-air-icon
    Description: Control a Wind, Sky, Smoke or Air based magic  
    Name: Runs With The Wind
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: User is allowed to passively fly/hover 15m off the ground. Speed is equal to user's level in m/s
    Name: Mist Body
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: The user is able to make spells where they are intangible and take no damage based on the spell's rank. However, they may not use damaging spells in this state.
    However, they may not deal damage in this way
    Name: Parlor Trick
    Slot: Limited (Secondary)
    Ability: use is able to passively fly/hover 5m off the ground. Speed is equal to user's level in m/s
    Name: A Lost Whisper
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: User is able to make spells that teleport, using the wind

    Element: Lightning
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-lightning-icon
    Description: Control a Lightning, Shock or Stun based magic
    Name: Shocking
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: All lightning spells have the innate Stun effect. Spell may not be mixed with any other element.
    Stun Effect: Target's inflicted limb is numbed for one post. Movement of the limb is slowed by 50% (stacking only cuts the existing 50% in half to 25%). Numbing a target's head will cause a headache and cause a loud ear piercing effect to the target, they will not be slowed. If the target's chest is struck, target's overall speed is lowered by 3 levels instead. A user's speed cannot be lowered under 2 by this effect.
    Name: Nonconductor
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: User is immune to the stun/numbing effect of lighting spells.
    Name: Static
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: All unmixed lightning spells have a chance to disrupt a target's mana.
    Static Disruption: User must roll x1 Normal dice per spell cast. For each "1" the target must pay an additional 50% of their spell cost, on top of the base cost to activate the spell.

    Element: Metal
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-machine-icon
    Description: Control a Technology or Metal based magic
    Name: How it's Made
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: All pure metal defensive spells take x2 amount of magical hits to destroy.
    Name: Mass Production
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: All metal defensive spells are double the size, with double the range.
    Name: Reinforced
    Slot: Limited (Secondary)
    Ability: All defensive spells take x1.5 amount of item/weapon (non-spell) hits to destroy.

    Element: Ice
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-ice-icon
    Description: Control an Ice, Snow, or Frost based magic
    Name: My Name's Olaf!
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: All pure ice spells, or slayer ice spells apply freeze for one post.
    Freeze Effect: The target area, 6"x6", is numbed and frozen. The limb cannot be used. If the target's primary element is fire, the area is instead 3"x3". This effect cannot be upkept. If another freeze spell is applied over the same area, all damage is doubled for the duration of Freeze. Spells rank that are equal or lower than the class of the target, cannot apply the freeze effect.
    Name: Heightened Body Heat
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: User is immune to frost/freeze effects.
    Name: Frostbite
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: User can pay x3 the mana cost of a fire spell that hits them,
    to cancel the damage. This however will not cancel any effects that spell has. This is per spell.

    Element: Nature
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-nature-icon
    Description: Control a Wood, Nature, Plant or Construction based magic
    Name: The Giving Tree
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: User is able to make  binding spells. Bind spells can halt a user's limbs in place. Bind spells only affect users of equal or lower rank. A mage of a higher class than that spells rank can break free. A mage of a higher level than the caster can also break free with ease as well. A user of equal class to the spells rank can pay equal MP cost to free themselves.
    a mage of a lower rank, can pay x2 the cost of the spell to break free.
    Name: Animal Instincts
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: User is able to heighten their senses, by honing their primitive instincts. They are able to choose only one sense at a time, with a cooldown of 1 post, after deactivation.
    ● Hearing : The user can hear everything within a certain distance. (x3 his level in meters.)
    ● Sight (Night) : The user can see up to in the dark clearly. (x2 his level in meters)
    ● Sight (Day) : The user can pick up all subtle movements from his location. Allowing them to pick up on even the slightest of movements. (x8 his level in meters )
    ● Touch : By touching something, they are able to feel vibrations to sense objects in a certain vicinity. (x2 their his in meters) [Only if the target is moving]
    ● Smell : They can smell out all things. However this makes them more susceptible to all smells. (x4 His level in meters)
    Name: [Animal] Form
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: The user is allowed one animal form they can shapeshift into at no cost. This can be anything reasonable, such as a bird, lizard, dragon, tiger or so forth. While in this form they cannot use their lineage skill, items, or magic outside of the animal's own ability. HOWEVER, if the user has a Primary Spirit or Life, they are able to use spells while in animal form, as long as they are designated for that form solely They may also use their lineage ability as well.
    Name: Toxic Personality
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: Any Damage-Over-Time spells that do not deal the full damage 2 posts after activation, are doubled in effect after the 3rd post. (The spell's damage must be equal between the first, and final post for this buff to take effecct.)

    Element: Life
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-life-icon
    Description: Control a Life, Buff or Healing based magic
    Name: I need a medic!
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: User passively regens 5% per post. This occurs at the start of their post.
    Name: It'll Buff Right Out!
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: All attacks deal extra damage based on the user's class.
    ● F : 0%
    ● D : 3%
    ● C : 5%
    ● B : 10%
    ● A : 25%
    ● S : 35%
    ● H : 40%
    ● X+ : 50%
    Name: Doctor's intuition
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: Use is able to detect and sense anyone who is bleeding or has a wound. This range is based on the user's class, in a spell rank. This does not pinpoint the location of people, but gives the general vicinity of the wounded target.
    Name: Travel Medkit
    Slot: Limited (Secondary)
    Ability: User passively regains 1% HP. This occurs at the end of their post.

    Element: Death
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-death-icon
    Description: Control a Death, Necromancy, Debuff, or Damage-Over-Time based magic
    Name: Gravestone
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: Any spells that must be sustained to deal damage, cost 50% less MP. if the user has the nature element, these spells only cost 25% of their regular cost instead.
    Name: Imtimidation
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: Any targets within half of the user's level, in meters,
    has their level reduced by 10. No user's level can be reduced beyond 5. If a target is in contact with the caster, and their base level is lower than the caster, and the difference is greater than 15,
    the target's level is halved. This debuff applies to all targets, including allies. This can be activated with a 3 post cooldown, and an unlimited duration.
    Name: Poison
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: User is able to make spells that deal damage over time.
    This spells must:
    - Be sustained
    - Cannot deal the full amount of damage in less than 2 posts
    - Cost spell amount per post it is upkept.

    Element: Chaos
    Icon: Element Update Completed 96ez9g
    Description: Control a Space, Time, Luck, Mystery or Chaos based magic  
    Name: This is Madness!
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: User has a personal pocket dimension where they can pull, and store items in and out of this realm at will.
    Name: Mastered Shift
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: User is able to teleport while using/holding objects, they may also teleport targets, and carry people with them. They however cannot attack while teleporting, or before or after the spell is cast.
    Name: One-Way Ticket
    Slot: Limited (Secondary)
    Ability: User has a pocket world, however they cannot put items into this world. They may only pull items out of this world. This allows a user to hold onto several weapons at once, but once they take them out of their pocket world, they cannot put them back in until the thread is completed.
    Name: Shift
    Slot: Limited (Secondary)
    Ability: User is able to teleport while using/holding objects. They however cannot attack while teleporting, or before or after the spell is cast.

    Element: Spirit
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-spirit-icon
    Description: Control a Non-Physical, Psychic, Spiritual, or non-elemental based magic or skill
    Name: I'm Important Too!
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: User recovers 10MP at the end of every post.
    Name: Power Scouter
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: Based on the user's level, in meters, they are able to detect anyone with Mana equal or less than their own. They are able to tell how far the target is, but not where they are. (Effect is like a bubble around the user.) Anyone who has a higher Mana value,
    is detected, but distance is not gauged.
    Name: Single Scan
    Slot: Limited (Secondary)
    Ability: Once per post, level in meters, the user is able to choose a single target within sight. They are able to tell if the user's mana pool currently is lower than their own. If it is equal or greater, no information is given.

    Element: Light
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-sun-icon
    Description: Control a Light, Solar, or Holy based magic
    Name: Ooh, Shiny!
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: During the day, before noon, all spells using Light will deal x2 damage.
    Name: Speed of Light
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: Pure light spells travel at x1.5 of their declared speed
    Name: Lightyear
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: pure light spells travel at x1.5 of their declared speed.
    (if used with Speed of Light, spells will travel x2, total.)

    Element: Dark
    Icon: Element Update Completed Orbz-moon-icon
    Description: Control a Dark, Lunar or Unholy based magic
    Name: Shadowstep
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: At night, after sunset until Dawn, all dark spells deal x2 damage.
    Name: Nightwalker
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: Pure dark spells can be cast at half of the cost.
    Name: Boogeyman
    Slot: Limited
    Ability:  Dark spells can be cast at half of their cost. (If used with Nightwalker, spells are only 25% of their original cost.)

    All users gain the following spell: (this does not go on your app. This does not take up a slot.)
    Name: Recovery
    Rank: D
    Cost: 0MP / 0 Chakra
    Description: Almost instantaneously, the user's own energy is channeled and focused. By gathering surrounding power, their own supply is replenished. (User recovers 50 MP/Chakra)
    - User is able to gather MP/Chakra
    - Happens nearly instantly
    - Happens at the start of a post
    - Energy may not be used during that post
    - Cannot be used if the caster has 0 MP or 0 Chakra
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 5 Posts, starting from the post after the spell is cast.

    Subject to change without notice.

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