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    Post by Ravage Bones on Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:48 pm

    Name: Yomi Yomi no Mi (Revive-Revive Fruit)
    Elements: Life (Pri), Death (Sub)
    Usage: Manipulation
    Description: The major strength of the fruit is that it gives its user another life after dying once before. After death, the user continues to exist in whatever state they were revived as and can even go as far as to grant a form of "immortality" that lasts until the user suffers a second death. This of course is negated if the user's cause of death was drowning, and their body remains in the water, or if their body is completely destroyed. However, since the main attribute of the fruit is resurrection, the Yomi Yomi no Mi's power will remain dormant until the time when the consumer suffers his or her first death. As a result, until such time, the only aspects the fruit bestows upon its eater are the typical Devil Fruit weaknesses.

    While the Fruit allows the user's spirit to once again return from the afterlife, it does not automatically return them to the physical body that it once resided upon during its mortal life. Thus, it is then up to the disembodied soul to search for the corporeal body in order to once again reunite with it. Though the user gains another life, their body however will continue being a lifeless corpse and will continue rotting away until the user's soul can find its way back to the body. When the user's soul returns to their body, the powers of the Devil Fruit will fortunately support the user's well being in the case that their body may be in a condition unable to support life.

    Re-attach (Contact): Ravage Bones is able to reconnect limbs to his body when they are attached in the correct spot. (EX: Hand to wrist, Head to neck...)
    Re-attach (Long Range): Ravage Bones is able to reconnect limbs to his body when they are attached in the correct spot. This ability allows him to draw in his lost part from long distances. It takes him one second to move the part one foot (Speed: 1fps) (EX: Hand to wrist, Head to neck...)
    It'll Buff Right Out!- All attacks deal extra damage based on the user's class.
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    ● A : 25%
    ● S : 35%
    ● H : 40%
    ● X+ : 50%
    Doctor's intuition - Use is able to detect and sense anyone who is bleeding or has a wound. This range is based on the user's class, in a spell rank. This does not pinpoint the location of people, but gives the general vicinity of the wounded target.



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