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    Post by Shini Chikai on Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:58 am

    Name: Kurainojutsu
    Release: Fire, Lightning, Wind
    Description: Shini was trained under the careful watch of Master Aoi. He taught her various techniques, along with her teammates, to enhance their elements as well as mix them with other elements. This is Kurainojutsu, the Jutsu of the Kuraikage.
    Ninja Spirit: By concentrating on the feet, the user is able to channel Chakra to walk on water or walk up anything. The user cannot use C-Rank or below spells in this state.
    Natural Insight: Shini is able to tell the elemental nature of anyone who's Origin is Ninja Town. (or has the Shini's Apprentice Position)
    LET IT BURN!: Immune to Burn
    Arsonist : All fire spells have the innate Burn effect. Spell may not be mixed with any other element.
    ● Burn Effect: Target's inflicted wound deals an additional 50% the following post after the landed hit.
    Parlor Trick: use is able to passively fly/hover 5m off the ground. Speed is equal to user's level in m/s
    Static: All unmixed lightning spells have a chance to disrupt a target's mana.
    ● Static Disruption: User must roll x1 Normal dice per spell cast. For each "1" the target must pay an additional 50% of their spell cost, on top of the base cost to activate the spell.


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