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    Wooden Mace

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    Wooden Mace Empty Wooden Mace

    Post by Sly on Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:09 am

    Name: Wooden Mace
    Owner: [Marketplace]
    Type: Weapon (blunt)
    Rank: Weak

    A wooden mace from the Medieval era, recovered from a fallen soldier of its time and recovered to almost its fullest potential. Despite it being the time where iron and steel was being used, this was found wielded by a soldier. Perhaps it was meant to be a good luck charm, or a side weapon if things go wrong. Either way, this weapon has been tested and still does its job as a good weapon, if you want to break past someone's armour.

    Wooden Mace 2cp5fu8

    Length: 50cm
    Weight: 1.2 kg

    - Deals D-ranked blunt damage
    - Durability of 5x weak hits/2x D-ranked hits
    - Can be held in one hand
    - Small-medium weapon. Can be hidden.


    - Made of wood. Can be eaten by wood/plant eaters.
    - Wood manipulators can manipulate this
    - Fire attacks deal 2x damage to its durability
    - Cutting weapons deal 2x damage to its durability
    - Kind of heavy.

    Ability: N/A
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    Wooden Mace Empty Re: Wooden Mace

    Post by Shini Chikai on Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:05 am

    Wooden Mace Shini_stamp_by_professorkabuto-d8ywc39
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