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    Post by Don Quixote on Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:41 am

    Nanashi - Warrior Mage

    It was a good day for Nanashi. He had decided to join the Village of the Sand People. Having managed to convince her soldier that he was an ally - the Warrior Mage found himself in the office of the leader, the one they called "Mother". Nanashi wanted to meet with her to see what this village was about, before he officially joined. Was she someone worth following? He supposed he'd find out.

    Opening the door to her office, the dark blue haired warrior mage entered. He bowed. "It's a pleasure to meet you... Kazekage-sama. Kazekage is the proper title right? I'm still trying to understand this land's culture~"


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    Post by Akira on Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:39 am

    She hadn't had much interaction as of late for her heart was heavy and contact just didn't seem as appealing. She felt how she had long ago, like an outcasted freak that the village locked away and abused in horrible manners. However, they had done nothing to her this time. She had simply felt that she wasn't a face that should be shown around her village. She wished to spare her people the heartache of seeing her in an artificial happiness. Akira felt so lonely. She had but few people that checked up in her amd few people that she allowed herself to work with. It had been a very lengthy amount of time since someone had actually come from outside of her village.

    On this day, that seemed to change as Akira had gotten wind of a man wishing to join her village family. She would find herself sitting back in her chair behind her desk mulling over what it was she wished to say to this man and how she hoped this meeting would go. Akira would hear a knock upon her office door before it would open. The woman would stand as she slowly made her way to the front of her desk. Her heels would clack on the floors surface until she had ceased in the middle of the wooden structure. She would turn towards the man as he spoke scanning him with her mismatched blue and green eyes. After he was finished, she would stand for a moment still looking at his being. He was cute. He looked normal enough. She would sigh.

    Then, she would smile lightly, "Ah, yes. That is the technical term. You could call me that if you wish, but to anyone else I am referred to as mother. In this village we are considered to be a family. We depend on eachother, we protect eachother, and we care for eachother. So, to many of my people, I am referred to as Mother. However, you can call me anything you'd like." She would smile again running her hands along her pain black dress, embroidered at every openning in white lace. "I suppose I should greet you with my real name, if you'd like to use it you may, just not in the presence of others for professionalism," Akira would extend her hand continuing her artificial smile, "My name is Akira. It's very nice to meet you, Mr. I don't think I have recieved your name."


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