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    Update : item Abilities & Ammo Types


    I'm Important Too! Update : item Abilities & Ammo Types Empty

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    Update : item Abilities & Ammo Types Empty Update : item Abilities & Ammo Types

    Post by Kodai on Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:48 am

    [April 2nd, 2018] UPDATE : All item abilities may or may not have a MP cost. MP cost will be maxed at the rank of the item, with the minimum being 1MP to activate an ability. The total of all of the costs to activate abilities must be equal or less than the rank of the item. (If you have a B-Ranked item, your cannot have your MP costs to activate all of your abilities total more than the cost of a B-Ranked spell)

    All ranged items are required to list their ammo types. This is to be listed first in their abilities. Please read as follows.
    - Mana Rounds : This ranged item runs on Mana. It costs half of the normal MP cost to fire this item. The projectile limit per post is still the same, as well as speed and range. The owner is no longer burdened with a set ammo limit, however must rely on their own MP to use this device. The device must be loaded as normal. Physical objects cannot be launched from these weapons, unless they were purely created from magic, Energy or Chakra.
    - Physical Rounds : This ranged item runs on physical rounds. The projectile limit per post is still the same, as well as speed and range. Only a certain limit of ammo is available, leaving the device useless when supplies run out, however it does not effect a user's Mana. If the weapon has an ability, they may enchant their ammo, but may not use any form of a Mana Round.

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