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    Update : Item Rulings


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    Update : Item Rulings Empty Update : Item Rulings

    Post by Kodai on Thu May 17, 2018 8:52 am

    [May 17th, 2018] UPDATE: Only 1 armor piece may occupy an item slot at a given time. 1 clothing item, may occupy the same slot, but is worn under the armor, meaning the armor's durability will deplete first. In addition, enchanted items will no longer be allowed to be crafted. Enchanted items will be replaced with "Relics/Rings" not to be confused with Artifacts of the same name.
    - Armor Slots: Armor/Clothing slots are now limited to: Head, Body (Chest), Legs (Greaves and pants), Feet (Boots, shoes),
    - Weapon Rulings: It is no longer viable to carry all of your arsenal into a single thread. You may now only carry up to 2 large weapons into a thread, without the use of a carrying device, regardless of your own level.

    All enchanted items can no longer be created.
    - All prior created items are unaffected,
    - Items can no longer be created
    - All current paid WIPs will be reimbursed.
    - Free Lineage rerolls with choice to be given to all after the change.
    - Reimbursement to those who wish to surrender their items

    If you wish to surrender your items, please link them below. You will get 5 Lacrima Shards for each weak enchanted item, 12 Shards for Strong, 25 for Legendary, 45 for Mythic, and 60 for Sacred.

    Alternatively, you may also cash in 1 shard, for 5,000 Coins. This extends to all users, and all shards including outside of this reimbursement.

    This offer is valid until October of 2018


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