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    Post by Mei on Wed May 30, 2018 9:39 am

    Matatabi had been with her for a while inside her own world. It seemed like it would be a lonely, sad place, yet she never complained. However, she never actually truly spoke to Akira, which made her feel twinges of guilt. She was a busy woman, so she never actually checked on the feline. So, on this day she had cleared her plate of all plans and left Delilah to deal with everything else. Then, she wandered and wandered far out into the desert feeling the feline's power fluctuate inside her forcing an uncomfortable feeling on her. What was this? Guess she would find out.

    She found herself stopped, frozen in the desert and decided this was where she would begin. There was nothing but sand for miles. There were no people to be harmed, no places to be destroyed, and nobody to harm her in the process. As uncomfortable as it was, Akira would sit in the sand, lay Nuibari across her lap, and fall into the abyss to her inner world. Except, it wasn't an abyss.. just.. darkness. Why was her inner world so dark? Where was Matatabi? Akira would wander the darkness, until a bright lighy began to show itself. She would continue walking, until she brought herself upon the feline. "Matatabi, why do you sulk in the dark?" Akira would ask exasperated looking at the large, balled up cat that faced away from her. "You ask me why when this is how you made it out to be," the feline would grumble. Multi-colored eyes would stare in astonishment, "I-I never did this. I didn't realize," she would stumble over her words before looking around once more.


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