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    Proposal : Exam Update (Reductions)


    What should be reduced?

    [ 2 ]
    Proposal : Exam Update (Reductions) RRsxVxl50%Proposal : Exam Update (Reductions) Ql5Dcye [50%] 
    [ 2 ]
    Proposal : Exam Update (Reductions) RRsxVxl50%Proposal : Exam Update (Reductions) Ql5Dcye [50%] 

    Total Votes: 4

    I'm Important Too! Proposal : Exam Update (Reductions) Empty

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    Proposal : Exam Update (Reductions) Empty Proposal : Exam Update (Reductions)

    Post by Kodai on Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:17 am

    We can do one of two things:

    1.) We can reduce the cost to Pay-To-Skip. This will have the result of :
    - C Exam costs are reduced by 75%
    - B Exams costs are reduced by 50%
    - A Exams costs are reduced by 25%
    - S Exams are reduced by 10%
    - Advanced are unaffected.

    2.) We can reduce the cost of all Word Count Requirements for exams. The results would be :
    - All exam minimum WC per post, are halved.
    - Total posts needed, will be reduced by 20% rounded down.

    The vote is up to you.

    If Pay-To-Skip is reduced, an event for everyone to pay coins of a large total will be started. If Word Count Reduction is reduced, then a total pool of on-site RP words will be pooled up.


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