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    Shermie [WIP]


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    Shermie [WIP]  Empty Shermie [WIP]

    Post by Shermiie on Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:32 pm

    Shermie [WIP]  Shermie_001
    Name: (WHO are you?)
    Nickname: Shermie
    Gender: Female
    Race: (WHAT are you?)
    Age: 22
    Birthday: February 23
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: (Does your character have scars? Do they have tattoos? Do they wear a funny hat all the time? List all of that, here. If you have chosen an usual race, please let us know EVERYTHING about it here!)

    Personality: Shermie is best described as a playful, outgoing, self-centric and aloof young woman.
    Shermie approaches situations and people alike with positivity and optimism. So much so, that even when idle Shermie bubbles with energy. Her movements and actions are very flamboyant, and even more so haughty and flirtatious.
    Shermie is obsessed with her appearance and the way she looks and dresses. She is always keeping up with fashion trends and looks to make herself as glamorous and beautiful as she can. A lot of time is devoted into makeup, eating healthy, and maintaining her stunning beauty. She loves to be in the spotlight of attention and when the focus of things is her. She easily speaks her mind.
    When Shermie fights, she rarely takes it seriously. She will blow kisses, flirt, and play with her opponent for her amusement. Her love for acrobatics and dance extends even to battle in the form of agile twirls and flips.

    - Singing
    - Dancing
    - Acrobatics
    - Corgis
    - Cute things
    - Fashion
    - Her body and appearance
    - Warm weather
    - Lipstick
    - Having her picture taken
    - Fame

    - Cheap clothing
    - Ugly people and things

    - Fame
    - Popularity
    - Curiosity

    - Being ugly

    Eyes: Green-Brown
    Hair: Red
    Height: 173 cm (5'8")
    Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
    Complexion: Tanned

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